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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Postgame Wrap (10/14)

Injury updates, replay explanations and surprising statistical notes from Sunday’s 31-28 loss at Tennessee


LB Derrick Brooks, who had his second interception of the season in Tennessee, will have to once again work hard to get his injured foot ready for Sunday

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers arrived back at team headquarters Sunday night a little before 10:00 p.m., the Oakland Raiders-Indianapolis Colts game was playing on the television in the players' lounge.

It was a tight game, which made for a nice diversion for Derrick Brooks. The Bucs linebacker had both feet kicked up on the coffee table as he watched the Raiders and Colts in action.

Brooks wasn't just relaxing for a few minutes before heading home. Of the two feet kicked up on the table, one (the left one) was sheathed in a device meant to stimulate the sprained ligament inside. It was just Sunday night, but Brooks was aggressively pursuing another week of recovery on his painfully sprained foot.

Brooks played through the injury in the Bucs' loss at Tennessee, even recording his second interception of the season, so his ailment is nothing new. Neither is RB Warrick Dunn's sprained right foot, which held up for 10 carries and seven receptions but was hurting him again by the end of the game.

Both of those injuries will bear watching again this week as the Bucs prepare for next Sunday's home game against Pittsburgh. There were also a few new additions to the training room list after the Tennessee game, though only one is certain to lead to missed game time.

Here is the postgame injury report, as released by the training staff:

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