Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Postseason Expert Picks: Buccaneers vs. Washington

The Buccaneers will play their first playoff game since 2008 after finishing 11-5, taking on the 7-9 NFC East winners in Washington. Will the team with the better regular season record prevail? See what the experts think.


The Buccaneers finished with their best record since 2005, which is coincidentally the last time they played the Washington Football Team in the postseason. A four-game win streak propelled Tampa Bay to an 11-5 finish and playoff berth. They will now take on a 7-9 Washington Football Team that has faced some inconsistency throughout the season.

But as quarterback Tom Brady says, the real season begins now. Washington boasts the league's second-ranked defense behind a dominant defensive front and a back level that has led the team to a number two ranking against the pass. But the Bucs come bearing the league's third-best scoring offense, which is on a bit of a hot streak over the last couple games.

See who the experts think will win out come Saturday night at 8:15 p.m. ET.