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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

PPH on the Move’s unique call-in show, the Pewter Power Hour, is switching to Monday night, a move kicked off by Pro Bowl safety John Lynch


S John Lynch helps the Pewter Power Hour move to Monday night this week

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have spent two strange weeks without live football, a minor aftershock of the terrible events of September 11.

However, beginning Monday, the Bucs will be back at the grind, with no rest in sight. Having just spent its bye week, Tampa Bay will now experience 15 consecutive game weeks, more if it qualifies for the playoffs.

And so, Tuesdays will become somewhat sacred to Buc players, who will be working through a repeating cycle of game preparation and recovery. Around the league, Tuesdays are players' day off, the best time for NFL pros to reconnect with their families.

That means we're going to use Monday night to let them connect with you.

The Pewter Power Hour, a unique call-in show hosted on, is moving from Tuesday to Monday night in order to continue to bring you significant player guests straight out of the One Buccaneer Place locker room.

**To kick off our new Monday home, the Pewter Power Hour welcomed three-time Pro Bowl safety John Lynch to the show this week. Lynch spent 35 minutes chatting directly with Buc fans across the nation.

You can join in the Pewter Power Hour any Monday night by calling the following toll-free number: 1-866-783-2680.**

The Pewter Power Hour's move to Monday night will reap further fruits, as Mike Alstott, Warrick Dunn and Brad Johnson are all expected to sit in on the show in upcoming weeks.

The Pewter Power Hour is a live call-in show that offers fans an opportunity to share their thoughts on the hottest Buccaneer topics and to speak live with the men who make it happen on the field. Got an opinion, suggestion or question to share with your fellow Buc fans or bounce off Lynch and his teammates? Monday nights are your chance.

How do you join in this open discourse with Buccaneer players and coaches? First, write down the number above.

Now, here's how it works. As the show begins, will open up a live audio stream, which any user with Windows Media Player may access. A link that appears on the web site shortly before the beginning of the show will open up the Windows Media Player console, with only the audio feature activated. Any interested caller may then join in the show by using the above toll-free number.

The host will describe the show's format, introduce the night's guest and begin taking phone calls. The rest is up to you. All of your Buccaneer wisdom will be shared with Tampa Bay fans spread across the country. After the show is carried live, a recorded version of the broadcast will be added to the site shortly thereafter.

Of course, there are other ways to participate. You can simply listen Tuesday evening to the thoughts of your fellow Tampa Bay fans. Or, if you would rather not call or won't be available during the show, you can send us your thoughts via e-mail and we may read them on the show.

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