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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Revis Island Surfaces in the Bay

With Darrelle Revis' mother on hand to accept the honor, Treasure Island, Florida officially changed its name to Revis Island for a day on Thursday, sharing its excitement over the Bay area's new superstar and the start of another Buccaneers season


Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan Diana Askew currently calls Ft. Lauderdale home, but she's contemplating a move up the West Coast of Florida, if she can get her husband onboard.  Askew has a very good reason to relocate to the Bay area: Her son, Darrelle Revis, is the Buccaneers' new starting left cornerback.

Of course, Askew already has a place to stay when she visits Tampa.  And now her and her son even have the perfect Bay area vacation spot, an island of their own, in a manner of speaking.

On Thursday, the City of Treasure Island issued an official proclamation renaming the place "Revis Island."  The new name only applies for a day, but there is little doubt that Treasure Island is a hotbed of Buccaneer fans…and fans of Darrelle Revis in particular.  The new name refers to Revis' well-known NFL nickname, a nod to the tremendous talent that allows the Buccaneers' cornerback to patrol large areas of the field all by himself.

The proclamation was read by Treasure Island – excuse us, Revis Island – Mayor Bob Minning on Thursday afternoon before a crowd of local residents and Buccaneer representatives.  Revis himself was occupied at the time, practicing with his team in preparation for Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints, but his mother happily agreed to stand in.  As part of the proceedings, Mayor Minning presented Askew with a Key to the City.

Askew, who has had years to get used to her son being honored as one of the best players in the NFL, was nonetheless touched by the gesture by Treasure Island.

"Darrelle and my family would like to thank everyone for your support," Askew told the Revis Island crowd.  "I am very, very excited for him coming back this year off of the injury and we are excited to see him do what he needs to do for the Buccaneers.  Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come out today.  We will be here…I want to move to Tampa!  I love it here and I'm so excited.  Let's go Bucs!"

Below is the proclamation read by Treasure Island Mayor Bob Minning on Thursday.


* *

City of Treasure Island: OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION

A Proclamation Announcing that on Thursday, September 12, 2013, the City of Treasure Island, Florida will be known as REVIS ISLAND, FLORIDA.

* *

WHEREAS:the City of Treasure Island, Florida, whose sparkling beaches and pristine waters exemplify the natural, untainted beauty of the Sunshine State; and

WHEREAS:the City of Treasure Island proudly supports the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and looks forward to another exciting season of Buccaneer football; and

WHEREAS:new Tampa Bay Buccaneer Darrelle Shavar Revis has firmly established himself as one of football's most dominant defensive players and a true "shutdown" cornerback; and

WHEREAS:the unlucky opponent matched one-on-one against Darrelle Shavar Revis quickly finds himself an inhabitant of a mythical land called "Revis Island" – an island filled with interceptions, touchdown returns and batted passes,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED,by proclamation of Mayor Bob Minning, that in celebration of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 2013 home opener against the New Orleans Saints, on Thursday, September 12, 2013, the City of Treasure Island, Florida, will hereby be known as:

Revis Island, Florida.

* *

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,by proclamation of Mayor Bob Minning, that the City of Treasure Island will honor the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the official Key to the City of Treasure Island, Florida.

Dated this 12th day of September, 2013

  • Mayor Bob Minning
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