Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Social: Best of the Bucs, March 26th

The best social media posts from Buccaneers players this week.

BucsOffSeasonBlues is hitting us at an all-time high this week. We learned that Donovan Smith and Kwon Alexander should probably stick to Football!

Connor Barth is finally heading back in the United States.

Kenny Bell, you are the real MVP!!!!


A post shared by Kenny Bell (@afro_thunder80) on

The vibe of #NoDaysOff is fully in effect!

Hungry 

— Kimario McFadden™ (@K_mar7) March 24, 2016

That was year 1. This is year 2.


— Josh Keyes (@swaggyj_57) March 24, 2016

April 11, where are you?!?! We miss FOOTBALL!

The NFL made a lot of players happy when they implemented.

Well until next time Bucs Fans!

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