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Tampa Bay Buccaneers



(On how the second day of mini-camp went)

"Not as sharp mentally as we were yesterday. The effort was good but we've got some things to clean up."

(On if the defense has an edge over the offense right now)

"I don't think so – I thought the offense did well in the red zone, I thought the defense did well in third down. We've got to kind of complement that both ways."

(On if the quarterback competition will continue throughout training camp)

"Some time during camp or right after camp, there will be a decision made. It's still a quarterback competition right now – I'm not going to award [anybody] in shorts and t-shirts."

(On if there's a disadvantage to waiting to name a starting quarterback)

"In any competition, there's waiting involved – you have to see who wins out and wins the competition. So, we're good."

(On if he's worried about the potential starting quarterback not getting enough reps)

"Not at all."

(On if any young wide receivers jumped out to him)

"Obviously, we drafted [Trey Palmer], he's very fast. [Rakim] Jarrett is very good. Even [Taye Barber] has played. We've got a lot of guys. [Kade] Warner has done some good things, [Ryan] Miller has done some good things. We've got a lot of guys competing. Route wise and intelligence wise, they're about the same. It's completely different in pads, when they're getting re-routed and they have to block and do things. It's hard to gauge them right now but mentally, I like where they're at."

(On WR Russell Gage missing time during mini-camp)

"I like that he's taking notes. He's a good pro, he's watching everything. Obviously, he's got to shake the rust off when he comes back, but I think he'll get up to speed pretty quick."

(On if he's taking any pride in his defense giving the offense 'fits')

"No, no, because they're learning a new offense and then they're seeing a different defense at the same time. It'll equal itself out in training camp and they'll see probably all of the blitzes they're going to see all year in this training camp. I don't take any pride in that from the defensive standpoint. It's giving them looks to talk about and conversations to have, but they've made their plays as well."

(On if his blitzing during mini-camp serves a specific purpose)

"Yes, it does."

(On WR Mike Evans going into his 10th season)

"Obviously he's talented. He's a heck of a pro and competitor. When you stay with one team and you put up those type of numbers, that says a lot about you from a character standpoint and a talent standpoint. He continues to do it."

(On what stands out to him the most about Evans)

"His unselfishness. He's willing to go in there and block, he's willing to run the short routes, the deep routes, he's willing to pick for people when he gets a chance. His unselfishness and his competitiveness."

(On Evans' durability)

"It's a credit to him training, obviously. He's a big receiver, he's a long receiver, but he takes care of his body very well and he competes like a defensive player. He's an offensive-defensive player so I think that helps with his mentality."

(On areas for improvement following today's practice)

"We've got to do a better job of catching the ball. Offensively, obviously, we don't want to turn it over. Defensively, we talked about it and we drill it all the time – talking about getting turnovers. We've just got to come down with them."

(On if he ended practice at the time he did for a particular reason)

"No, we went kind of long. We've got a lot of guys running around, so we're not going to get much out of one more [today]."

(On LB Lavonte David returning)

"Obviously, he calms the defense down. Mentally, he's our leader on the defensive side of the ball. He's got playmaking ability. He's got playmaking ability, he understands the scheme a lot and building some guys around him. I think it's good for the young guys to watch how he trains and is professional – I think they can learn a lot from him."

(On his plan for tomorrow)

"We'll go in the morning, early. We may cut a period short here and there. We need to get some work done – we'll get some work done."

(On DL Calijah Kancey)

"He's smart. He's a lot smarter. He's not just a lineman trying to line up and do things, he's trying to understand everything on the defensive line and the offensive line so he knows how to play. I'm very impressed with that."

(On what C Ryan Jensen adds to the new guys on the offensive line)

"Obviously, he's one of our emotional leaders on the field. He's a very physical guy – he can get guys going. He's very intelligent, he's been down there for a long time. He has some stability from a veteran standpoint. That would be good. If not, we've got a couple guys that got some experience last year that can go right behind him."

(On Jensen's toughness)

"His toughness is unquestioned. Like I said, he's a tone setter. He'll go out there and he'll give you it right to the wall on every play. They kind of feed on that. But with his absence, we've got guys taking over that role. We feel like we've gotten better there."

(On if Jensen will be a full participant in training camp)

"As of this point, I don't know. We'll monitor it as it goes."

(On if OLB Shaq Barrett will be a full participant in training camp)

"Until I see him out there, I'll believe it then."

(On who the swing tackle would be)

"Too early. Too early. We're still mixing and matching."

(On OL Luke Goedeke transitioning from inside back to tackle)

"I think Luke has done a great job. He's been here all the time, he's learning, mentally. He feels comfortable, he looks comfortable out there. We're just looking for him to get better. Obviously, pads will tell a lot but he's doing well."

(On if tackle is a more natural fit for him)

"That's where he's starting out, now. In pads, that's where we see him at. I think he'll be fine there."

(On offensive linemen Robert Hainsey and Nick Leverett battling for a spot on the line)

"Both intelligent, both very physical, both very fast after they snap the ball. They can get to the second level, they can pull, they're both scrappy."

(On where he sees Hainsey fitting into the line if C Ryan Jensen is healthy)

"We'll see. Hainsey can play both guard positions and he can play center. Depending on if injuries come up or something applies, but if everyone is healthy and it goes according to plan, he'll be right behind Jensen. If not, we'll see who the starter is."


(On Head Coach Todd Bowles' defense)

"He does everything. There is not just one thing you can pin him on. Being in the league – it's my sixth year coming in – I've been on defenses where we've just kind of been one thing, but he is so multiple. It's a challenge for the players too because you've got to learn it, but it just gives you such an advantage because offenses in this league are super smart, so you've got to be able to change pictures up and change looks and that's what he is known for and what he is great at. That's what I love the most about it."

(On playing alongside S Antoine Winfield Jr.)

"'Tweeze' (Antoine Winfield Jr.) is an excellent player. You have seen the film – he does it all. He's a multiple defensive position player [and] so am I. We kind of have that in common so sometimes when stuff is going haywire, there is no need to switch sides or do anything like that. We just kind of know how to rotate off of each other. I lean on him right now because he knows the defense better than I do. I'm still learning, but at the same time, my experience comes in and we just kind of play off of that, so I like it. It's fun."

(On what Offensive Coordinator Dave Canales brings to the table)

"Energy. Energy and excitement – that's the formula we had where we came from [in Seattle] and that's what he brings. That's something that is going to be real prevalent in this offense. You're going to see them celebrating a lot more when they make plays. You're going to see them having fun. You're going to see them being enthusiastic. You're going to see some downfield plays. You're going to see it all because that's the kind of system he runs. It's real balanced."

(On if Canales has been itching to be a play-caller)

"Absolutely. Every coach should come into the game with the mindset that they want to be the play-caller. If not, then what are you here for? He's always had that chip on his shoulder and I am excited to see what he does this year."

(On if Canales played a role in getting him to Tampa Bay)

"I don't know, he probably did. Shout out to him. If he did, man, thank you, I appreciate it. Me and him have a great relationship. His family is great. I love his daughter. She loves me and I love her. We've always been kind of cool and kind of tight. Canales is my guy. I've got a lot of love for him."


(On what he likes about the new offense)

"The different looks that we give the defense [and] just the different opportunities. The energy has been great. Obviously, we're all happy about it. Pocket movement and just getting the defense running side to side – it's just a well-balanced offense to me. Then the shots and the plays you see guys like Chris [Godwin] and Mike [Evans make] and how they are open. Mike comes to the sideline and says, 'Man, I haven't really been this open in a minute. It feels good.' Just seeing things like that. It's been happiness. It's been fun."

(On the running back's role in the new offense)

"The feel I get – for me right now – to me, it's just balanced. They harp on it all the time – Coach [Todd] Bowles and obviously Coach Dave [Canales] about, 'You've got to be able to run. You've got to be able to do both.' That's the feel I've been getting honestly, but yeah, you're asked to do a lot and that's good. With the running back position and how it is, we're guys trying to go with it. It's great to be asked to do everything and having guys behind you like Ke'Shawn [Vaughn] and Chase [Edmonds]. That's how it [is]. You always need help. It's going to be great and it's going to be well-balanced."

(On if he has any personal statistical goals for this season)

"Honestly, I'm just kind of [letting it come] naturally. It sounds like a cliché answer, but I'm just a team guy. I'm here to do my job. Of course, you have goals and you want things like that. Every day you pay attention to the 1,000-yard rushers. It's been eight years or so since Doug [Martin], so I pay attention and read up on all of that type of stuff. So, of course, you want to eclipse that, but if I'm just doing my job and doing what I'm supposed to do, all of that will take care of itself."


(On if he feels like the elder statesmen of the team)

"I've been feeling like that. Shoot, all of the older guys had been coming in, coming from other places, but I've been here the whole time. I've kind of got a feel firsthand of how everything has been going here. I've seen a lot of people come and go, but now it's really official that I'm the oldest guy on the team. I'm just going to embrace it and do my best to lead the team."

(On if he feels with the youth of the team)

"For sure, for sure. You see it out there in practice, you see it in meetings. The younger guys are kind of out of control sometimes, playing fast, playing hard – that's expected. Once you get a little coaching into them, it'll slow down for them. I definitely like the young group that we do have. I've been watching from afar when I wasn't here, watching them put the work in and doing what they're supposed to do. People were calling me and letting me know what's going on – it's been really promising."

(On his impression of DL Calijah Kancey)

"I've been watching Calijah since Little League. We played at the same Little League, went to the same high school – I've been watching him for a while. When he ended up going to Pitt, being a two-time All-American there, that was expected with the mindset that he has. I've talked to him the last couple of days that I've been here and he's definitely got it. He's definitely ready to learn, definitely one of those guys who can help us win football games and I'm glad he's part of the team."

(On if Kancey can contribute right away)

"Immediate impact. Immediate impact. He's a guy who can create mismatches, one-on-ones with offensive linemen, and he can be disruptive in the run game. People always look for the Vita Vea's, but sometimes those small, compact guys can split double teams and get in the backfield and create havoc in the backfield."

(On going up against the new offense)

"It's different. There's a lot of movement going around, a lot of different personnel, a lot of different looks that they're giving us. It gives us a chance to communicate defensively and adjust on the fly. They're giving us great looks, something that we haven't seen in a while. 'B.A.' (Bruce Arians') offense is more taking deep shots down the field, this offense is taking what the defense gives them. It's been really competitive out there the past couple of days."

(On what he sees from LB SirVocea Dennis)

"He's a guy who's got a little swagger to him. He's a guy who's got a little confidence to him. He's picking up on the defense really well. I met his linebacker coach from Pitt and he told me that he's a smart guy and you can see it. Definitely looking forward to him making an immediate impact, whether it's special teams or if something happens with the linebackers and him stepping up and be able to come in and play."

(On the creamsicle uniforms)

"I love it. I love it. I got a little glimpse of them. They're not like the ones I wore in 2012 at all… You should be in for a surprise. They're really nice and I definitely like the way they look."


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