Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Great Debate, Final Round


For the past 3 weeks, Buccaneers.com has featured two of the best fan arguments for what the Bucs should do with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft and allowed fellow fans to vote on which one was more convincing.

The final edition of The Great Debate features Fernando Lopez and Jared Hammond arguing for our two most-submitted cases, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota.

Case 1: Draft jameis winston

"We are in need of a QB and clearly Jameis is the right fit for our system. Tampa bay has a great amount of offensive threats with Mike Evans looking like the clear bright spot for the offense. Tampa Bay needs a QB that can sit in the pocket and can make deep throws accurately, which is what Winston proved to all of us at the combine. Athleticism isn't his greatest asset but who needs speed when you have an arm like that?" - Fernando Lopez

Case 2: draft marcus mariota

"Marcus Mariota is by far the safer pick. He can make all the NFL throws that are necessary. Mariota is also very smart with the football and his college stats prove that. Winston throws too many interceptions and many are in the first half. You can call him clutch, but the talent in the NFL makes it harder to come back in the second half of a game. Mariota will not turn the ball over and that's exactly what Head Coach Lovie Smith wants." - Jared Hammond

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