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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Time for a 'Review'

If you’re not picking up a copy of the Buccaneers Review at home games this season, you’re missing out…Check out our last issue to see what we mean


You've seen a game program. This is no game program.

Buccaneers Review is a game program in the same sense that the National Football League is an interesting weekend diversion. In truth, nothing matches the NFL, and there is no other game-day publication in the NFL like Buccaneers Review.

In their continuing effort to upgrade every aspect of the game day experience, the Buccaneers have taken the old game program formula – rosters and depth charts surrounded by repeated bios and head shots – and turned it on its head. The new publication is an in-depth, innovative and fresh magazine devoted to the Buccaneers, their opponent and the upcoming game.

Want to see for yourself? Click here to view the entire Buccaneers Review from Tampa Bay's most recent home game, against Carolina on September 24. In this issue you'll find a feature story on the scarcity of trick plays, exclusive interviews with Cadillac Williams and Jake Delhomme, a breakdown of the game by former Bucs Pro Bowler Hardy Nickerson, a close look at the biggest moments in the Bucs-Panthers series, and much, much more.

What's next? If you're attending this Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, make sure to pick up the newest issue of the Review. Inside, you'll find more exclusive interviews, this time with Joey Galloway and Bengals defensive end Justin Smith. You'll also get an inside look at what goes into taking the Buccaneers on the road and some of the more bizarre road-trip moments in team history. Nickerson will once again share his analysis of the game, as will Head Coach Jon Gruden. You'll find a challenging halftime quiz, a scouting report on the Bengals' most dangerous players and much more. Want to know if Chris Hovan is a morning person or a night owl, or whether he prefers "Lost" to "24?" You'll even find that in Buccaneers Review.

Buccaneers Review made its debut in the preseason opener against the New York Jets, featuring such items as an exclusive interview with Mike Alstott, a feature story on training camp long shots, a Q&A with Jets standout Jonathan Vilma, an off-kilter look at strange moments in Jets history, a revealing look at some contentious moments in the all-time Bucs-Jets series and much more. The following weekend, Buccaneers Review looked at the Dolphins game and included such items as a countdown of the five greatest Buc games of the last decade, a surprisingly detailed look at the construction of the team's new practice fields, an entertaining Ask the Bucs page – sample: "Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson" – and again, much more.

Each issue of the Review starts with the real thoughts of Head Coach Jon Gruden, who takes a weekly look at the state of his team and the strengths of the opposition. These are truly Gruden's own words, shared exclusively with Buccaneers Review.

Each issue also includes recaps of previous games and a notes-intensive look at the upcoming contest. "The Toledo Rocket," for instance, gives a preview of how Buccaneers rookie quarterback Bruce Gradkowski might fare in his second career start.

Nickerson, now a radio commentator for the team, contributes his column to each issue. Nickerson takes a studious approach to his new radio gig, and that results in an in-depth set of notes on the opposition and, sometimes, the Buccaneers own issues. For instance, Nickerson, often one to focus on the battles in the trenches, thinks the most intriguing matchups in Sunday's game will come on the perimeter.

Analysis of the opponent continues in Buccaneers Review with a key matchup – the Bengals program will look at the battle between T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Ronde Barber – and an extensive walk through the opposing roster. One star from the other team is highlighted in an exclusive Q&A and obscure and interesting moments from the opposition's history are run down on the "Facts & Figures" page.

The middle of Buccaneers Review is dominated by exhaustive feature articles and exciting, full-page photographs from previous contests. Mike Alstott, Michael Clayton, Chris Simms and Cadillac Williams have already been featured; after this week's talk with Joey Galloway, future issues will turn to the defensive side of the ball.

Fans may particularly enjoy the refreshingly off-beat second half of the magazine. One continuing feature for the 2006 season will take an inside look at different areas in the team's new facility. The "Ask the Bucs" feature also returns this weekend with a humorous look at the likes and dislikes of Hovan, Linebackers Coach Joe Barry and guard Dan Buenning. The weekly Halftime Quiz is no pushover, either. Also in this part of the Review is "Fan Feedback," a chance for you to make your own thoughts heard through the message board.

There is all of that and more in every issue of Buccaneers Review. Cheerleader photos and interviews, team rivalries, upcoming attractions, community events, statistics and, of course, rosters and depth charts are included each week.

The newest fan feature at Buccaneers games is soon to become a must-have feature on every home Sunday. But you don't have to take our word for it. Check out the last issue, cover to cover here.

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