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An Anthology of Tom Brady's Career Stats and Records

Who would have thought that after 22 years of being the best to ever play the position, Tom Brady would have a few stats to show for it?


If you're romantic about football (who isn't?) then you'll understand why we can't just call a list of quarterback Tom Brady's stats and records well, a list. It is an anthology, which is defined as a published collection of poems or pieces of writing. Brady's football career is just that: poetry in motion. The greatest to ever play a position that orchestrates seeming chaos into perfectly sensical and strategic order.

And that order he created is impressive – not only for the teams he was on, but for himself individually. It isn't, and quite frankly hasn't been for some time, hyperbole to call Brady the 'Greatest of All Time.' The former sixth-round pick's lengthy resume and career accolades only further solidify that notion. In fact, if you broke his career up into parts – he would still have a case for the ever-coveted Canton for every decade he's been in the league.

From 2000-2011, Brady went 140-41, passed for 45,264 yards, threw 338 touchdown passes, won 16 playoff games, three of which were Super Bowls. From 2012-2021, he went 138-44, passed for 52,305 yards, threw 372 touchdowns, won 19 playoff games, FOUR of which were Super Bowls.

Compare those numbers to Hall of Famer Joe Montana, who in his career went 133-54, passed for 46,323 yards, threw 318 touchdown passes, won 16 playoff games and four Super Bowls, Brady has nearly doubled all of that. Hat tip to NFL Research for all of that.

That creates not only a First-Ballot case for Brady, but perhaps even a case to waive the mandatory waiting period before he's inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Brady ended his 22-year career overall starting 316 of 318 games played with an all-time record of 243-73-0, he completed 7,263 of his 11,317 attempts and amassed an all-time record of 84,520 passing yards. Six-hundred twenty-four of those passes were in the end zone and 203 of them were interceptions. He ended with a career completion percentage of 64.2%.

Brady is the all-time leader in passing yards, touchdowns and quarterback wins, as you may have guessed. He ranks in the top-five in every major passing category and holds every major postseason record.

This is a guy who in his 22 NFL seasons has been selected to the Pro Bowl a record-15 times. He's a three-time 1st-Team All-Pro selected, three-time AP MVP and a seven-time Super Bowl Champion, which is not only the most of any player, but it's also more than any franchise.

Tom Brady ranks first all-time in:

  • Wins: 243
  • Pro Bowls: 15
  • Super Bowl MVP Awards: 5
  • Starts: 316
  • Completions: 7,263
  • Attempts: 11,317
  • Passing Yards: 84,520
  • Passing Touchdowns: 624
  • Three-Touchdown Games: 101
  • Four-Touchdown Games: 39

In the postseason, he leads in:

  • Appearances (season): 19
  • Games Started: 47
  • Wins: 35
  • Super Bowl Appearances: 10
  • Super Bowl Wins: 7
  • Completions: 1,165
  • Passing Yards: 13,049
  • Passing Touchdowns: 86
  • Game-Winning Drives: 14
  • Fourth-Quarter Comebacks: 9


In reflecting on all of this and his GOAT status, I'm reminded of another GOAT: Michael Jordan, who also had a second act with a different team late in his career. Though, as much as it pains me to say it, his second act wasn't a success. Brady's very much has been. In two years with the Buccaneers, Brady sits on the leaderboards not only in NFL all-time annals, but also in Bucs' franchise record books.

He has the second-most passing touchdowns of any Bucs' quarterback with 83. He has the eighth-most attempts, seventh-most completions and he ranks seventh in passing yards with 9,949 in Tampa Bay. He finished his last season leading the league in passing yards (5.316), passing touchdowns (43) and completions (485). Yeah, at 44 years old he had a 5,000-passing yard season.

Oh, and let's not forget he was at the helm of the Bucs' second Super Bowl win in franchise history. He also owns all of the Bucs' postseason passing records now. He has the most postseason passing yards with 1.661 and the most passing touchdowns with 13. Brady has also, of course, started the most postseason games for the Buccaneers, with six.

And what a glorious six they were – even right down to the last one. Yes, the Bucs may have lost in heartbreaking fashion, but not before we all got to bear witness to yet another comeback from the 'Comeback Kid' himself (no, seriously that is a listed nickname of Brady's on Pro Football Reference).

To include every single record that Brady has been a part of would result in an article longer than a CVS receipt and no one is going to read that. I guess that's what happens after over two decades at your job. Though no one has, or likely will, ever be as good at this job as Brady was.

Good luck to all those chasing Brady's stats in this new generation of quarterbacks. It certainly won't be easy.

View the top pictures of Tom Brady from his time with the Buccaneers.

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