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What's In a Name?

Buccaneer fans trying to come up with a moniker for the team’s new mascot can watch a video of his rescue


The Buccaneers captured dramatic video footage of this seafarer's rescue at sea by the Clearwater Coast Guard

It was a harrowing but heroic moment for the Clearwater Coast Guard and the end of a grueling ordeal for one lonely seafarer. And Buccaneer cameras were there to catch the whole thing.

On Friday, June 2, the Clearwater Coast Guard came to the rescue of a stranded and distressed man lost amid the choppy waters of Tampa Bay. Though a burly 6-2 and 250 pounds, the mysterious man was initially weak and disoriented. The Coast Guard administered medical attention, and the seaman, who was clearly a captain of some kind, quickly regained his senses and his strength. He proved to be an animated and entertaining character, but much of his life history was lost to a case of amnesia.

That included his name. Using the clues provided by a detailed ship tattoo on his arm, the captain was reunited with the vessel from which he was stranded two years ago, the fabulous Pirate Ship that is docked in the North End Zone of Raymond James Stadium. On June 3, the search began for a new name for the captain, who agreed to adopt whatever was chosen from a fan contest that began on Buccaneers.com on June 3.

Buccaneer fans have been only too eager to help out. Since the contest began that Saturday, in conjunction with the Bank of America FanFest, over 5,500 suggestions have been submitted (as of Tuesday, June 20). Fans trying to give the captain back his name have drawn clues from a Special News Report broadcast by the Buccaneers, who were able to produce dramatic footage of the seafarer's rescue and reunion with his ship. You may watch that Special Report by clicking here.

The as-yet-unnamed captain has chosen to remain with his beloved ship in Raymond James Stadium and take on the job of Mascot for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He will entertain the crowd at each of the Bucs' home games and will also make appearances throughout the Bay area. The search for his name continues, and as more information is available on this Special Report, Buccaneers.com will bring it to you.

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