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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winston Blown Away by O.J. Howard

"Just sit back and watch," Jameis Winston said about his rookie tight end.

Photos of Howard during the Bucs' rookie mini-camp practices.

Throughout his career, Jameis Winston has had the privilege of playing with several very, very talented players. Winston has two years of NFL experience under his belt and played for a Florida State team that won a national title.

So when Winston gives feedback on a player's performance, it's wise to listen. During an interview captured by NFL Network, Winston threw praise in the direction of his rookie tight end, O.J. Howard.

"What he's going to do to this team is going to be amazing," Winston said. "You guys are going to see it, just sit back and watch. This is the fastest, most athletic 6-foot-6 (and) 255-pound guy I've ever seen in my life. It's unreal. He looks like he's 230 but he's about 260 or 255. It's amazing."

Winston has worked with plenty of big pass-catchers, too, making his comments even more meaningful. He spent two years playing with Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, both of whom are 6-foot-5. Winston's go-to target in college, Kelvin Benjamin, is also 6-foot-5.

How the Buccaneers choose to use Howard will become clear as training camp gets under way. The team already has a talented tight end in Cameron Brate, so it's unnecessary to rush Howard into the lineup before he's ready. Howard is expected to have some role in the Bucs' offense this year, though. If spring workouts are any indication, it's safe to assume he'll be on the field in red zone situations, at the very least.

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