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Your Turn with Les Steckel

The Buccaneers’ new offensive coordinator sat down on Thursday to address fans’ concerns


With a chance to ask questions directly of offensive coordinator Les Steckel, Buc fans wanted to know how the Bucs' receivers could gain greater separation

When he was hired on February 20 as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new offensive coordinator, Les Steckel gushed over the opportunity to answer to Tony Dungy as his new boss. As a colonel in the United States Marine Corps reserve and a decorated Vietnam veteran, Steckel also appreciates what it is like to answer to a superior officer.

On Thursday, he answered to you, the Buccaneers' fans.

In the first of a new series of interviews, entitled 'Your Turn', Les Steckel sat down with Buccaneers.com on Thursday for a session of 20 Questions. The difference in this interview is that the 20 questions were supplied by Buccaneers.com users, loyal fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from all corners of the nation.

Of more than 800 questions submitted over a seven-day period, 20 inquiries were chosen to pose to Steckel, many of which were concerns repeated throughout the submissions. The topics ranged from how the team's fabulous backfield duo of Mike Alstott and Warrick Dunn would be used to how extensively Steckel would control the team's offensive game plan. Steckel answered all of the questions thoroughly; you can watch the video by clicking here.

You can also read a full transcript of Steckel's responses by clicking here.. Steckel answered such questions as...

...is Shaun King entrenched as the starter at quarterback?

"From what I understand," said Steckel, "Shaun King is the leading candidate and the favorite, and yet I believe that competition at this level is so important to improve every player and particularly every position. Going into camp, I understand that there is an open race there."

...how do you combat an extra defender 'in the box'?

"A lot of times we faced that in the three years with the running game we had with Eddie George (at Tennessee)," said Steckel. "Too often, there'd be one or two too many in 'the box' as you're referring to, to stop the run game. When that occurs, we found (it was successful) to run counter plays, either off the play action game or just counter plays in general, and certainly giving our receivers one-on-one opportunities on the outside and having a good protection scheme so that the quarterback would have time to push the ball downfield. We see that often and we hope to have some answer for it this fall, as well."

...will the Buccaneers use motion in the backfield

"I think so often receivers have to be put in motion if they're having trouble getting off the line of scrimmage and we do utilize motions often, and shifts and unique formations to help them get off the line. And, of course, the depth of routes has something to do with that, as far as pushing the defender up the field vertically. We hope to do that; we understand that we have some great speed on the outside and we might as well take advantage of that while we can."

...and much more.

Buccaneers.com is only getting started with Your Turn. A regular feature, Your Turn will periodically feature a new, prominent guest, and will ask the users to supply the questions. The next guest will be Head Coach Tony Dungy, and users may begin submitting questions immediately. Coach Dungy will speak with Buccaneers.com to answer fan questions near the end of the week beginning March 20.

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