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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10-06-2002 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

"I'm obviously proud of our team. To come on the road and win is a very difficult thing in this league, particularly when you're playing a very good football team coming off a bye week. We overcame some adversity early. I thought our team showed a lot of resiliency and we're really pleased with the win."

(on the defense being on a roll)

"It's a great run. Again, we don't want to diminish what they've accomplished, but at the same time we're going to keep raising the bar. It's one thing to hurdle an obstacle, it's another to meet the challenge again next week. We're not going to take anything for granted. We've got a high standard that's established and is going to be enforced. I'm really proud of those men on defense. They've worked hard, and they're getting better. We believe they can continue to improve and be a very good defensive club by the end of this year."

(on the offense)

"It was a slugfest today, offensively. We kept punching and kept punching, and Keyshawn Johnson delivered a big blow late in the game. It was a very good team effort, and we beat a good football team.

(on the touchdown pass to Keyshawn Johnson)

"We saw a lot of different coverages. I give Wade Phillips and the Falcons credit. They didn't play a lot of pure man-to-man today. They played a lot of two-deep, they played a lot of weakside rotation. We did see a pressure-down, a bump-and-run situation (on the touchdown pass), and Brad does have the green light to go after anybody in that situation at times with Keyshawn Johnson because of the style of player he is. It had nothing to do really with (CB Juran) Bolden. It was more a blitz situation, he got a good read and he felt good about Keyshawn getting upstairs."

WR Keyshawn Johnson

"The long touchdown was an adjustment to something else that we called in the huddle. If they gave us a certain coverage then I was to turn it into a fly pattern. Brad did like he always does, putting the ball in a place I can catch it.

"The offense is doing some things that we continue to get better at each week. We'll continue to get better and we'll be all right.

QB Brad Johnson

"This is our third road win this year and the Falcons were coming off a bye week and they started pretty good. But we hung in there and played the game accordingly, and most importantly made some big plays when we had to.

"The wide receivers were terrific. Any time you get mismatches on our wideouts, they are going to dominate. I wish we would have taken some more shots at different times but, obviously, Keyshawn (Johnson) made the big play. We had some short outs at key times. Both Keyshawn and Keenan (McCardell) came up big for us today.

"The first quarter we really didn't have the ball. The second quarter we were really moving the ball well. We had over 150 yards of offense in one quarter, we just didn't come away with any points. We kept our poise and did what we had to do in the second half.

"The turf was slick and some guys didn't have the right shoes, but we feel good on turf and we have a couple more games on it. We did well today."

S John Lynch

"After the New Orleans game, we needed a division win today. We'd won three in a row, but our first game was a loss against a division opponent. We didn't want that to happen again.

DT Warren Sapp

"We have some deadly bullets on this team. And we are going out shooting right now. Coach says there should be an investigation because it looks like there are twelve of us out there right now."

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