Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10-19-2008 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(On the game) Were proud of our team. We played well tonight. We had a great drive at the end of the game by our offense, possessing the ball setting up a big field goal.

(On Ike Hilliard) Ike Hilliard has a concussion. We think hes going to be fine. Obviously, were very concerned about him but we think hes going to be okay. All the preliminary reports are that hell be overnight in the hospital and hes going to be okay.

(On Jeff Garcias great start) He was hot tonight. He made a lot of plays. I think he had 10 or 11 different receivers. Mobility was a factor tonight. He created some opportunities running and throwing to a lot of people. He was fun to watch.

(On if Jeff Garcia is at his best moving around) When hes healthy hes at his best. This guy has been to four or five Pro Bowls. Its a credit to our receivers. Our guys have done a great job. Jeff (Garcia) does a great job in the huddle. We had a lot of guys step up. Jeff was the trigger tonight and really does a great job.

(On Aqib Talib) He loves the ball. I have a lot of confidence, and really have tremendous amount of respect for his ability. I think hes going to be a premier corner in the league. He has to continue to work and he knows that. He has to continue to refine his game. Ronde Barber, Raheem Morris and other guys in that room will help him do that.

WR Antonio Bryant

(On his touchdown in the first quarter) Just a little bumping. He bumped me a little bit and I gave him a little bump. We got in the end zone and it felt good to get started early and get the team off to a jump.

(On being 5-2) It just makes you realize how important it is to win these games and knowing that we are getting closer to what we are all trying to accomplish and thats to play the Super Bowl here at home. I think thats our number one goal, but we know that we have to take it one game at a time.

(On being prepared for the opponent every week) I think our coaches have a great feel for the flow of the game and what works. We get great insight of our opponents every time we go to work. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, we just focus in.

DE Kevin Carter

(On the defensive pressure) The thing about it was we were tough against the run, and we knew that with a young quarterback, they were going to have some timing issues throwing the ball downfield. So, we knew if we were tough on them against the run, and we got after them on first and second down, we will put them in difficult situations in third down to pass.

QB Jeff Garcia

(On the win tonight) Another pretty solid effort by the team, in the first half especially. Offensively, we did some good things. We were disappointed to not get the ball in the end zone a couple times we had those opportunities. But again, when you have a defense that is playing the way our defense is playing against a team that is struggling a little bit on the offensive side. We knew that when we got ahead, that we put ourselves in a pretty good position to win the football game.

(On the touchdown pass to WR Antonio Bryant) They just came in an all-out blitz and it was one of those things where the offensive line and running backs did a great job of picking up the blitz, giving me enough time to look down the field. Antonio Bryant was in a one-on-one situation. I just threw a ball where hopefully he would have a chance to make a play and he did a great job of shielding off the defender and creating separation at the end and making a big play out of it.

(On WR Antonio Bryants development and play tonight) He just did a great job of continuing to work to find openings and I was fortunate to have time to move around in the pocket and give him balls that he could catch and run after the catch. I think thats one of the things that he does so well is that hes so explosive after he gets the ball in his hands. He really did a great job of creating yards after the catch.

(On the physical mentality of chewing the clock up) It is the mentality of this team. Again, the way our defense is playing when teams are forced to come back and put the ball in the air, generally our defense does a great job of stopping that and creating turnovers. And when you have an offensive line like we have and blocking tight ends and fullbacks, it is important to be able to create first downs to grind it out, to keep the clock running, to hopefully get into a field position situation, to where we can force them into long drives.

RB Earnest Graham

(On playing fullback on Mike Alstott night) It felt good man. It was a great night for a great player, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

(On the running game) It was a tough game tonight. They kept coming after the ball and made us really work for it but we got a win.

S Sabby Piscitelli

(On the defense as a whole) I think the defense played great, but the biggest thing was the offense kept us off the field so it allowed our defense to be so fresh. When the offense puts us in a good position like that, were going to play well.

CB Aqib Talib

(On his interception) The receiver ran a dig actually. I think it was Barrett Ruud that came across and what can I say, Monte Kiffin put us in perfect position. Barrett came across to get a deflection on the ball and we capitalized on an opportunity.

(On playing in prime time) It was wonderful. I felt the adrenaline, felt the energy in here and I think everybody on our team felt it, because we got out early and we never let up.


Head Coach Mike Holmgren

(Opening statement) The game reminded me a little of our game last week. The number of statistics was similar. They were 10 of 18 on third downs, last week was 10 of 17. We were 1 of 9, last week I dont know we were a little better on third down last week. We had the ball for 40 minutes and it was 40 minute-20 minute game. Very similar. We had a chance for a big play and it didnt work. They had a big play, like the long pass a week ago. So you get the outcome we had. Unfortunately right now thats the way it is. Our confidence on offense is not where it should be and now we have to keep it going somehow, some way and regain the confidence that we used to have.

(On the offense) I didnt think we executed very well early on. We did some things a little better in the second half. They have a good defensive team. Theyre good on defense and so the combination of our shortcomings and their good defensive play, you get kind of what you get.

(On QB Seneca Wallace) We didnt sustain things enough for him to get into a rhythm. Were just struggling right now on offense. Its just hard.

(On the impact of the fumble that was reviewed) We got the ball back on review. If they let the play go, we probably would have scored. CB Josh (Wilson) picked it up and was running. So it was a factor in the game.

(On LB Lofa Tatupu injury) Yeah, he got a concussion in the game and is still a little foggy.

RB Justin Forsett

(On his first return) The one I took out the first one I wasnt. I dont think I should have taken it out. I will have to watch the film to see how far it was, deep it was. All in all, I think today was a good day for special teams.

(On if he was talked to after taking the one at the three-yard line) They said next time know where youre at on the field. We got to the 15 so it wasnt too bad. We have to be smarter than when we are backed up.

(On if it was a function of him wanting to make something happen) It was me not knowing how deep it was, how close it was to the end zone; it was back there at the three. It was a low line drive kick. He out kicked the coverage which we knew he would do in the game. Without a lot of hang time usually the coverage is far back and I have some room to make some big plays.

T Walter Jones

(On plays not going Seattles way) This game is so tough, you just have to keep fighting, and it is what it is. It is a lot more plays than that. Just to make plays, we just havent been able to do that this year and we just havent been able to do that this year. I dont what it is, plays that were accustomed to making, being able to get up and down the field, we just arent doing that.

(On QB Seneca Wallaces lack of repetitions this week) I dont think so, hes been in this offense for six or seven years now so he knows the offense, so its easy to him. I dont think that had anything to do with that. I just think were just not clicking right now. We just have to go back to the drawing board and find ways to get points on the board and win the game in the end.

(On only being one big play away) I hope so. I hope thats what it takes, you look at the game and they made one big play and kind of got the momentum from that big play. We just needed one play probably to get us over the hump. A lot of our games this year have been like that. We just havent been able to make plays we are accustomed to making.

RB Maurice Morris

(On Buccaneers defense) Coming into the game we knew that they had a good defense, one of the best defenses in the league. I have to tip my hat to them. They did a great job of scheming against us. On offense we didnt move the ball well in the first half, in the first part of the game.

(On next week) Whenever you have a loss, you go back and watch the film, fix mistakes and get ready for our next opponent.

QB Seneca Wallace

(How much he blames performance on not playing for a while) There is probably a bit of rust, but that cant be the reason. We had a good week of practice. We just missed some things and left some plays out there on the field.

(On his calf injury) Calf held up, I cant say too much about it. I still have to go out there and play football; injured or not, it doesnt matter.

(On the teams offensive struggles) They kept us off-balance a little bit in the first half, and changed things up a bit in the second half. I think we just never got into a rhythm, that is what we needed. In this offense, youve got to get into a rhythm. We never got into that rhythm, they kept us off-balance and kept us on our toes.

(On not playing for two years) Its pretty tough, but you cant worry about it, you still have to go out there and get good play calls and still execute the offense and do those things. I mean, I felt good and had a good week of practice, but sometimes the defense is going to get the best of you. You just cant worry about that even if it has been two years. We just never got into a rhythm, and this whole offense is a rhythm offense, and if you dont get your rhythm going its tough. Our defense played well, and their defense just kept us on their toes.

(On where problems are coming from with this team) You cant really point one finger, there is a whole lot of stuff going on. Its tough, you just have to keep battling and try to fight through it.

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