Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10-26-2008 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(on the game) "I would like to congratulate Dallas, we knew we would get there best shot today and I was impressed with them. Our team did some good things and I am very proud of them but there were some key plays in the game that came back and hurt us, some key penalties that set us back. It was a hard fought football game by two good teams. I tip my hat to Dallas, they are a good team."

(on the last drive and going for it) "That was our plan but when you see that style of coverage we are going to continue to use our clock and our time outs and we move the ball into position closer towards the goal line. Just because we have a shot play call doesnt mean that the shot is open. There pass rush was pretty good at the end of the day I was impressed with there stamina."

(on the Bucs' offense) "It's hard to call plays right now we have a shortage of running backs. It hurt our team today. We had six straight penalties on the drive. Obviously, it was very deflating. We move the ball pretty good but we have to score touchdowns to win in this league."

(on the Cowboys) "They are good players. DeMarcus Ware is great, he is one of the best players in the league today. We missed a couple of opportunities, when a team plays defense like that you have to conducts some third downs, you kind of have to be methodical about it. We had several opportunities to win the game today."

(on the game as a whole) "Weve got to score a touchdown there was one score today and it was the deciding play in the game. Im not that frustrated, Im proud of our team. I am excited about our team and what we have accomplished the first half of this season. I am disappointed, very disappointed that we lost. At the same time we have had eight solid outings and I haven reason to believe we have eight more solid outing going forward to finish the season. Tough week for us today but I would like to congratulate Dallas. They did a great job and I am impressed."

QB Jeff Garcia

(On the defensive change) They just did a good job doing what they were doing. They have a big, active front. When we got to the red zone, they made enough good plays to keep us out. We had unfortunate penalties and not enough execution when the game was on the line.

(On the final drive) They did not really give us opportunities to throw behind them. It didnt come easy at the end. They were doing a good job of closing the pocket down, and forcing us to get the ball out of my hand. We had a great opportunity there at the end, its unfortunate that we didnt make the play that could have given us the game.

(On the offensive line) They were doing the best job they could possibly do. I felt like there was enough time to make decisions, and thats all I really ask from them. The game was lost somewhat in the first half. We had them on their heels, (early) we had great field position at times. We didnt execute at the most important times, in the red zone.

WR Joey Galloway

(On getting back on the field) The itch has always been there. Sometimes injuries get in the way of that. It was good to get back out there. It was a good plan. And hopefully we will go back and study what we did today. I felt pretty good today. You know, I didnt play much today. I feel healthy. Ill go back and look I could have done better this week.

(On the final drive) They realized we have to score a touchdown. Defensively, theyre going to try to take away the big play. They did their job with that and we didnt. Any time you lose a game you always go back and look at the opportunities -- the ones that you missed. Of course well go back and work on those. We have to learn from our mistakes.

(On sizing up the first half) Were 5 and 3. Were feeling pretty good but we can do better. There are some things we lost wed like to have back. But well look forward try to get ready for the next opponent.

(On being back in Dallas) I have seen a lot of old things, some people I know, friends I have here. But after that, its just a football game.

DE Gaines Adams

(On the defensive pressure) It was just an overall good effort for the whole defensive line. We havent been getting the sacks but weve been getting pressure. I guess you could say the sacks would be the closer of the deal. We cant give the two sacks. The whole defensive line played good today. We just have to close the deal.

(On the loss) It is very frustrating. You go out and lay it on the line. But thats football. You have to come back the next week and do what we do.

(On Brad Johnson) Hes just an overall great player. You cant ask for a better quarterback in there. Unfortunately he made some great plays, some key throws at critical times.

WR Michael Clayton

(On the game) "We just didnt play our best football. The offense had some great plays, we had receivers running open. The line has to step up in protection. If we had another half a second, we could make a play. It is important for the team to stay together. Go out, get the signal and play.

(On if there were any surprises in Dallas' defensive approach) We knew what they would do. They were bringing the safeties up a little tighter. That was the only difference, they brought the safeties up. They played a solid football game. They had the plays. We missed opportunities. We eliminate that, we get a win.

RB Clifton Smith

(on losing in his first game) Its definitely hard. I always hate losing. But in my first game, what better way to be Im out here in Texas Stadium. Well look to Kansas City and take it out on Kansas City.

(On kick returning, and the fumble) I still have a lot of work to do. Im not ready to call myself a return guy. I have a lot of work to do. The ball just popped out. I was probably carrying it too low, and somebody knocked it out.


Head Coach Wade Phillips

(On the win) "It was good team win for us. Our defense certainly stepped up today our offense had a tough time, but tough times sometimes happen we had a big play with six seconds left, we knew we could get one more play in. We have been certainly working with Roy Williams, he is really strong besides on the field. He is just a big strong target inside the red zone. We ran a fade route he went up and got it and that was the big play."

(on if he's tired of hearing criticism) "I think our players definitely stepped up. They work hard and were ready to play. I think they were frustrated that we havent won in the last 2 weeks and that was part of it. They are a good group, they have leadership. I think that showed that the team came together."

(on Tampa Bay) "We knew they would come out with something. They are really strong offensively, one of the best offensive teams in the league, especially in the passing game although they have been averaging 130 yards game rushing. We shut down there running game. Once we felt like that they couldnt run the ball on us, we were able to come with more passing situations."

(on if it was it an important potential season savior game for the Cowboys) "Well it was an important game for us, we knew that. Somebody asked me if it was a must game, I think all of them are must games at this point; we had to get some in the bank early. I think everyone knows after the bye we will be a lot stronger. We just got to get to the buy and try and win some games and try and win some games here and thats what we did this week and were going to try and do the same next week."

(on the decision to go on it on fourth down with six minutes left) "Number one I felt like we could make it with Marion and time was really a key. Its about two minutes per first down there and if you can keep the two more minutes I thought it would be a big plus for us. It ended up putting the pressure on them at the end of the game. I would have liked to make another first down and run the clock out, but we didnt do that, but thats the way we play."

(on if they changed things defensively coming into this week) "We have the same game plan, every week. We change things, but it has to be within our system, so we look at every week we look at what we think we can do with these people and set up those calls and try and execute them on the plays. We have an aggressive defense anyway, and again we wanted to stop the running game. They had been powering big personnel and been powering people pretty good and our front stood up against that so third and ones were we stop them was pretty important."

(on how much more he was you involved in calling the defense) "Brian didnt lose his job or anything like that. He does a great job. I just felt like if I got more into it, it would help. I dont know that it helped any; we conversed on a lot of things. I make the direct calls, and he backs me up and thats what we do."

CB Mike Jenkins

(On the pressure at the end of the game.) "I thrive off of that, we knew it was going to come down to that once there was four minutes left in the game and we punted the ball. I feed off of that. I think I grew up a whole lot, I was out there challenging players, I was jumping routes, I just felt comfortable; I just went with my instincts. Before we came up we said lets play like a hand and our main goal was to play like a fist together."

(on the defensive tempo) "When the game is in our hand its time for us to step up, we kept our energy. I think they converted on one fourth down and we just stayed out there and kept our heads up."

DE Marcus Spears

*(on the victory) "A win is a win in this league and just like I tell you guys, any team can beat you and when you have a win and you have one secured you enjoy it. We know we have New York coming up and Im already past this one to be honest with you."

(on getting past all the mistakes in the past) "It was just attention to detail, it was just fine tuning. I came here last time and told you guys when we lost that was the problem, if we can get guys in the right spots and eliminate mental errors, the type of athletes we have on this team we can play defense like that."

(on the defense stepping up) "It goes that way but next week it may have to be offense. We were able to step up and make plays when we needed to and kept the other guys out of the end zone and when you are able to do that in this league you give yourself a good chance to win. Its like I tell you guys all the time, we were able to stop the run and when you are able to stop the run youre going to help yourself out a lot. I think they only had forty-eight yards rushing."

LB Bradie James

*(on the game) "It was really a must win but all that saying we knew we had to go out there and just win. One big difference is, with all the things we had going on every week we approached this game with a lot of energy; a lot of guys showed up and we fed off of one another. It was a twelve oclock game so we had to get up early and we havent been playing too well at twelve oclock but without a shadow of a doubt it was going to take all forty-five guys that suited up, really forty-eight guys that suited up and that was ready to play, the coaches had a great scheme and we just played with a lot of energy."

*(on the offense going for it with six seconds left in the first half) "We needed that, that just goes to show you how much confidence the coaches staff has in their players. As players when you see your coaches go for it on forth down on their side, its big, we have to convert and thats what we were able to do. There was a lot of big plays, a lot of plays that could have changed the momentum of the game but we stayed focused and we kept making plays."

(on how the defense succeeded) "The players make plays, as far as the scheme we all sat down and said lets forget it and lets go out in here and make this stuff work and thats what we did. They called great plays, we executed and thats a big thing; execution that basically sums it up."

(on if the game was a season-saver) "This wasnt a season -saver but it was a must win right now. We knew in terms that we needed to get this one because the road , we still have a lot more games and its not going to get easy. This was a stepping stone, with your starting quarterback being out and with the injuries that we have we have to find a way to win."

(on the youth in the secondary) "Those guys came through, as far as youth they are playing big, playing like all pros and thats what we need them to do right now. You never know how the season is going to end, it starts off with everyone healthy but you will have different challenges, you will have injuries, different things like that so everybody has to step up, those guys stepped up, everybody stepped up and we got a win."

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