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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

11-24-2002 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(On the game) "It was a big win for our team. I'm very proud of our players. We're not into trends and recent history. We're into current events. We're going to get what we deserve. We have a very difficult opponent on the road next week. We're just taking each game one at a time like the old motto says."

(On the defense) "I can't talk enough about the defense. It really doesn't matter what you call it, whether it's an old-fashioned recipe or cover-two or a three-man front…we're playing it very well and very fast and physically."

(On the status of Rob Johnson as the backup quarterback) "It's a situation I'll continue to be looking at. Rob Johnson was thrust into a very difficult situation. I'll evaluate Rob's performance this week."

(On playing at home during the entire month of November) "I'd like to thank the fans. They've made a real impact in the month of November."

DT Warren Sapp

(On today's game) "We realized what we were in the middle of this ballgame, and we realized it was another brick in the road to the Super Bowl that has to come through Tampa. Next week, we can put a couple more bricks in there."

(On seeing Green Bay again in the playoffs) "I don't care who it is, as long as it's here."

(On his block after Brian Kelly's interception) "I've got two or three guys on me. We get a pick, Brian Kelly is running all over the field. I see a guy going at my man and I put a lick on him. What's the problem? I didn't clip him in the back, I didn't hit below the waist, there's no flag on the play."

WR Keenan McCardell

(On the game) "We do what we have to do. We try to pound the rock each week."

(On the next game) "We're going on the road to their house, and they are coming off of a loss, so they will be fired up."

DE Simeon Rice

(On the game) "Once we started putting points on the board offensively, we knew all hell was going to break loose on the field."

CB Ronde Barber

(On the defense) "I've never been on a defense this good. It's constant. There is no let down."

(On whether Brian Kelly's success is due to Barber's prior success) "No. He is a product of his own success."

WR Joe Jurevicius

(On his play) "We had other plays today that were big, not just mine."

(On the catch that was challenged) "Brad put the ball right where it needed to be."

(On this being a big game) "Right now it's a big game. We're 9-2, and I haven't been 9-2 in my professional career. We have work to do, and we're going to get better. That is the beauty of this team."


Head Coach Mike Sherman

(On the game) "I take my hat off to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Jon) Gruden had his team ready to go. They did a great job. They defended us. We only scored seven points on offense. They certainly made us look bad. They have a tough defense, and they were very opportunistic on offense. They did a nice job of moving the football against us and taking advantage of some of the situations we put ourselves in."

(On his conversation with DT Warren Sapp after the game) "In response to after the game, I just went up to Warren and I told him that I didn't appreciate the lick that he put on (T Chad) Clifton. That was the extent of it. The joviality that existed after when a guy's laying on the ground, with numbness in his legs and fingers, I just thought that wasn't appropriate for any NFL player. I have a lot of respect for the game, and I just didn't think that was the place for that. We'll look at the tape; maybe I overreacted."

(On Brett Favre's four interceptions) "Give the interceptions to me. We got a little too aggressive, and we got away from our plans, and that's my fault. We came out in the second half and lost our patience. I fault myself for that."

(On Favre) "Brett prepares himself like a champion every day of his life. I think he's disappointed, but I don't think he's frustrated. He's going to come back to work and, trust me, you will see better days from Brett Favre. You have to give Tampa Bay some credit. They were on. They made some tough plays."

S Darren Sharper

(On the game) "We think in the second half they got a little bit of momentum but not enough for us to hurt ourselves. They are going to score points, that's part of the game. The fact of the matter is we did not answer them back, and that's disappointing."

WR Donald Driver

(On the game) "As an offense, we did not connect tonight. We could not run the ball well. We could not pass. We made a lot of mistakes that they made big plays off of."

(On team morale) "Right now I think every guy in this locker room is upset with themselves. We know we're not playing up to par right now."

(On the Tampa Bay defense) "They've got a great defense. They played a well deserved game, and they won it."

WR Terry Glenn

(On the Tampa Bay defense) "They did a great job on defense. Their defensive line is stout. They are good."

(On the game) "You can say there is a blame. It goes on all of us. We just did not win the football game regardless of who did not make a play here or who did not make a play there. The end result is we did not win the football game."

(On Brett Favre) "I don't look at it as Brett struggling. I look at it as an offensive football team struggling. The offense as a whole, when things like this happen it's not just Brett's fault. It's the receiver's fault, the linemen, the running back. If you can't run the football, (then) you can't pass the football, therefore it's all of our faults."

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