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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

11-30-2003 - Post Game Quotes

*QB Brad Johnson *(on the loss) "We didn't make the plays tonight, but we have to go down to New Orleans and get this thing turned around. We know there's a lot at stake. Unfortunately, things haven't gone as well as we would have liked. We've had some tough breaks throughout the season, and this is a tough loss – no doubt. But, there's a lot of football left to be played."

DT Anthony McFarland (on Jacksonville quarterback Byron Leftwich) "He made some plays tonight, and he had some time to throw. The game of football is about making plays and he made enough of them to help his team tonight."

(on Jaguars running back Fred Taylor) "We tried to get him outside a little early. Late in the game, they just tried to get three yards in a cloud of dust.

S John Lynch (on giving credit to Jacksonville) "We didn't get it done. Jacksonville came out and played really well tonight, and looked like they were well prepared. They had a good gameplan, followed it and played well."

(on overcoming the loss) "We have to keep playing because it's what we're paid to do. Despite what the outcome may be, you have to play and you have to play hard. I expect that we'll do that down the stretch."

RB Michael Pittman (on the effort from the Jaguars) "They played hard. Jacksonville had nothing to lose at this point and we had everything to lose. They were fired up. The defense played hard and we made mental mistakes that will not win us ball games. We're going to move on and hopefully get into the playoffs."

(on calls that went against the Buccaneers) "Especially Ronde (Barber's) near interception! I thought he had full control of that ball. That's how it's been all year. Charles (Lee) got a holding call on the run I had down the sidelines. There's nothing we can do about it. You have to press on from that and overcome it."

(on offense's lack of production) "We had spurts, but didn't finish drives. We knew we had some momentum going, but a mistake or something happened where we couldn't continue the drive. As a team, we just didn't get it done. We win as a team and lose as a team, whether it's the offensive or defensive side of the ball. You can't go into practice believing there's some hope."

LB Derrick Brooks (on the loss) "We didn't make the big plays down the stretch and obviously they did. There's too many things to play for and we still have a chance to finish this last quarter of the season 4-0 and finish up 9-7. We haven't had a losing season around here in a long time and playing for pride. Right now we have to find strength within each other and the season is not over. We're going to show the heart of this team. That's where the pride comes in. Right now it's very cloudy and there's still a lot to play for."

(on how to get the pride back) "The only way I know how to come out of a hole is dig, scratch and fight. We have to lean on each other for that strength right now. We are champions."

WR Keenan McCardell (on his 700th career reception) "I'm not looking at what happened tonight. You've got to just put many more together to help your team win."

(on his team's offensive output) "We didn't have any rhythm on offense tonight. We'd get something going, then back ourselves up. Second and 13 is not a good way to start. This was just one of those games that when we did get it going, something would cut our momentum down. It was one of those games where you come in knowing you have a better team, but they (Jacksonville) play their best."

Jacksonville Head Coach Jack Del Rio

(on beating Tampa Bay) "It was against the defending Super Bowl champions, and they were desperate for a win trying to stay in the playoff hunt. They had talked about how they were as focused as they've been all year, and we knew we had a challenge ahead of us."

(on QB Byron Leftwich) "He responded like the guy we think he's going to be. He didn't duck anything. He came out really poised, really focused and played a heckuva football game and gave us an opportunity to win. He played lights out, real well. He responded like a pro. He's been very good. No question that missing camp put him behind on some things that we need to work with him on, and we're catching up on the run. There's also no doubt he'll be a fine football player in this league. He was able to go out today and put that issue to rest."

(on the Jaguars' offensive line) "I've been proud of the offensive line all year. Anytime you hold a Buccaneers team without a sack, as much as we threw the ball, that's great line play."

(on putting the game away at the end) "That's the way you finish a game. We did the things you have to do to win. The guys are believing. That's what we needed to do - just stay aggressive. We closed it out in style on national TV and people across the nation got a chance to see what the Jaguars are going to be all about. We were ready as a football team to win the game and be aggressive."

(on the 10th anniversary of the franchise) "That made tonight very special. I'm very proud of our guys. That's a great gift for Wayne Weaver, and I'm proud to be able to give it to him."

(on the replay challenge of the Buccaneers) "Somebody came to me with good news that the ball may have been bobbled on the ground, so I was frantically digging into my pocket and trying to get the flag out as soon as possible."

(on what the victory means for the Jaguars) "It means that we showed we can play well under the lights and we look forward to getting more of these prime time games. I was proud of our team that we had that kind of a showing. This is going to be a good football team. We feel like we're turning the corner in a lot of areas, and I was glad we got the results tonight."

(on Seth Marler) "All year, Seth has been pretty solid. When you take a high snap and the hold is late, it's hard to blame just the kicker alone. There's a process - the snap, the hold, the protection and the kick. And when one of those areas breaks down, it falls on Seth's shoulders. When we examine things, we don't see a kicker that is struggling as bad as the numbers indicate." **

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