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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-01-2002 - Post Game Quotes

WR Keyshawn Johnson

(On the Bucs' passing attack) "In the passing game, we were missing a little bit here and there, some timing things. But when we had to come back we put it together. We've just got to learn from the mistakes we had and not repeat them."

(On the disappointment of losing to the Saints again) "It's a little disappointing, because we were supposed to come here and win this football game. We knew we had the opportunity to do it and we didn't do it. Like I said, we've got to take care of business against Atlanta and put ourselves in position to win this division."

CB Ronde Barber

(On losing) "Atlanta won today, which makes it interesting. We weren't trying to put it away yet. There's still four weeks left in the season. We've got to keep going."

(On if there was a difference in the second half) "No. They just made plays and we didn't. They're not plays that we can't make. They made them, we didn't, that's what it comes down to. Give them credit for it."

(On RB Deuce McAllister playing on a sprained ankle) "He's a tough dude. The kind of ankle sprain he has is pretty tough to play on. They had about eight rolls of tape on his foot, but he managed to do it. You've got to give him credit for it, because he toughed it out and was a big factor in the game."

(On defending QB Aaron Brooks) "The fact that he can get out of the pocket and the fact that he's incredibly strong can create some problems if we're not on our coverages or not on our rush. I think early on we were doing what we wanted to do to him – pressures, sacks, getting off on third down. But later in the game he kind of wore us out."

QB Brad Johnson

(On third down problems) For some reason, when we got ourselves in a short field, we would get into third-and-long. We just didn't convert on third down to even put ourselves in field goal position. There was a flurry right there in the third quarter where things went badly pretty much in all three phases. They hit us with a couple long plays on special teams and we turned the ball over, and that really kind of put us behind the eight ball. Guys battled, and that's really the heart and strength of this team. I remember that happened to us in the first game of the season, the same type of situation, and we came back from 10 to put the game into overtime. This was a very similar situation, and we reacted. We battled back in that game, and that's because of the character we have. It's a tough loss, but we've got to let it go and bounce back next week at home."

(On being one-dimensional on offense) "We kind of struggled in certain areas, and certainly our running game hurt us. We really had a hard time just getting it going. But we were very effective in the passing game, completed a high percentage of balls and kept the chains moving. We made a lot of plays. But we do have to get a little bit more effective in the running game."

(On struggling against the Saints) "They beat us twice and you have to give them credit for that. They've really abused a lot of different teams that they've played. They've struggled a little bit offensively recently with turnovers. They had lost three of their last four coming into this game, but they're a very, very tough team, a very physical team, and they've damaged a lot of teams that they've played this year. Tonight, they came up with a good win over us."

S John Lynch

(On the game) "We knew we were going to get the Saints' A-game, and they brought it. They played a good football game. We just struggled too much in that third quarter, in that little spurt there. They got up and we just ran out of time."

(On turnovers) "We didn't force them enough on defense. In the end, that's always a big determing factor in who wins and loses in this league. They won that battle tonight."

(On throwing touchdown passes against the Bucs' defense) "Well, first of all, they got the ball down there a couple times. They had nice designed plays and they just beat us on those plays. It's not something we did. I think coming in we had something like five touchdown passes allowed all year, and they had three tonight (actually, two). That's something we pride ourselves on."

(On Deuce McAllister) "He's a strong runner, and that was a great performane by him coming off the ankle sprain. He ran extremely hard. They got in a situation where they were up and they were going to pound him. Our fits were pretty good but he got them some yards after the hit. For the most part, I think we tackled fairly well, but he had a nice day and they controlled the clock at the end."

(On the lost chance to put New Orleans away) "You want to do that. You never like getting swept by a team in your division. But it happened. We fought hard, that's one thing about this team. We're going to continue to fight hard in any situation and we did that tonight. We just ran out of time. We've got an opportunity to put a sweep on someone else, and that's what we need to do."

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