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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-12-2004 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(on QB Brian Griese) "I thought Griese was great. He didn't see two throws today and it hurt him. I think both interceptions were blind throws. It's a credit to San Diego; they've been opportunistic on defense. Obviously, those were two big plays in the game where Griese played, at times, great for us. It's just unfortunate those two throws will come back to hurt us."

(on WR Joey Galloway getting hurt late in the game) "That hurt us. We ran out of gas a little bit. We had some penalties on early-down run calls which put us behind in the down-and-distance, and Galloway's absence hurt us down the stretch. I don't know the severity yet. I believe it is just cramping."

(on the Bucs' run defense) "[Tomlinson] might not be a pretty good guy, he might be one of the best in football. One of the best in my lifetime as an NFL coach. He's great. He got out of trouble a couple of times that hurt us. We were able to bottle him up in some key situations. They had two really big plays in the passing game that were devastating to us, but Tomlinson is going to make yards. They are committed to him; he's a great back. There were some opportunities to bottle him up and get him on the ground, we just couldn't get it done on a couple of occasions."

QB Brian Griese

(on what happened on his interceptions) "The first pick was just a screen pass and I wasn't expecting a linebacker to be over there. He made a great play coming up and making a play on the ball. The second one was just a simple turn route and, again, he came from inside out. I was working one side of the field and flipped to the other side of the field and he made a great play cutting in front. I didn't see him. It's a shame because I wasted a good effort by our team and I feel bad."

(on the touchdown pass to Joey Galloway) "Joey made some great plays today. On the first touchdown it was just pure speed, speed over the top. I laid it out there for him and let him go get it. The second one was more of a technical route where he is running a double move, trying to fool the safety. He did a great job, he's got quick feet."

(on where the Bucs are now) "This one hurts. We felt very confident. We wanted to come out here and get on a roll. I thought we had tremendous effort, but in this day and age in the NFL, effort is not going to get you far enough. Like I said, I just feel bad for the guys in the locker room that I couldn't pull it out in the fourth quarter."

WR Joey Galloway

(on the turnovers) "It's a team game. I don't think any one guy feels any worse than the other guy. We didn't win today. They scored more points than we did. We don't single anyone out. We'll watch the film and correct all our mistakes."

(on throwing the ball downfield) "I think offensively you always want to run the ball. But sometimes defenses are weaker in the secondary than they are on the front line. We felt like we could throw it around a little bit and we did an okay job of that."

LB Derrick Brooks

(on giving up a few big plays) "We take big plays as a whole, no matter whose fault it is. We as a defense take that on. You look at penalties, turnovers. When we lose, the turnover battle is not in our favor; when we win, it is. Our penalty total is up when we lose. So you don't look past those two factors because that is a direct correlation of what goes on in the game as far as our football team goes."

(on LaDainian Tomlinson's big runs) "He hit open holes. A couple times we were in our cover two and they found the right gap. He hit it for long runs. There is nothing you can say. We missed some tackles early on and they gained extra yards. We just didn't put it together and get a win."

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