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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-13-2009 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Raheem Morris

(Opening statement) Obviously not the results you are looking for. I told the team right there, we came out a little flat in practice on Friday and those are the results you get when you dont practice hard every day. We came out flat on offense, you get put into some bad situations on defense early, but then you give up a 33-yard run to get the game out of hand. To get in the game you feel like you have to pass the ball too much and thats not the way were going to be able to win. Its time for us to go back to the lab and figure out how to get a win versus Seattle.

(On Josh Freeman) Josh is going to be in the football game. Josh has to go out there and learn the hard way and its the hard way the last two weeks. This week I think he played the best defense in the National Football League and he went out there and they showed him why. They sent us all kind of pressures. We couldnt handle the pressure up front. We couldnt handle that receiver. We couldnt handle their running back. They outmanned us on defense and thats how they play. They played well enough to win the football game.

(On the first play of the game) You throw a ball and youre trying to catch [Darrelle] Revis up top, trying to open the game up so we can get out and go into the running game a little bit. You have your best player and their best player and you have to see who can win that match up. We threw the ball up. Revis made a good play, knocked it down, wasnt a great throw. Thats the way it goes. You cant throw balls into traffic like that.

(On the offensive game plan) You have to go out there and you have to try and run the football. You have to go out there and you have to try to establish something early. You have to put the ball in the air to let those guys know to back up and theyre going to bring all kinds of pressures at you and theyre going to bring all kinds of things, we cant pressure the run game. So if you can get something on the ground with it, then try to come at them then you have an opportunity. It never happened for us that late. The young man was off, our guys were off, we didnt have a great day. Im going to put it on us and the coaching staff.

(On the play in the past two games) You know youre not good enough. Youre not good enough. We have to go out there and get better. We have to do a better job coaching. We have to do a better job on the field. We have to do a better job with our players and thats just the bottom line. Thats what this is.

(On Fridays practice) I dont think it was a discipline issue with the flat practice. I think it was a get going issue. It was hard to get going that day. It was a little gloomy. People were trying to get going. People were trying to be hot. The quarterback missed a couple of throws. The receivers didnt run great routes. We have to get better in Friday practices. The team did a great job as far as discipline all week as far as being there, being where they need to be, practicing hard on Wednesday, practicing hard on Thursday. Its just Friday they came out flat on the field and I let them know that in our meeting and after practice I let them know that. It was just a result of what happened today. Its just what happens. You cant have any bad practices in this league and expect to go out there and win.

CB Ronde Barber

On the amount of pressure they gave on defense) To be honest with you, I thought we didnt play that bad on defense. We had some field goals down in there, a little bit of a mis-fit on Thomas [Jones] with the touchdown in the first half.

(On if he was blitzing on the Thomas Jones TD run) No, we were just fitting it up. It put Barrett [Ruud] in a bad situation with the open field tackle. It was a tough day. When you feel good about some of the things you do but still feel this low afterwards, its a little bit frustrating.

(On the frustrations in the offense) We have a young kid at quarterback. We put him in some tough situations today. I dont expect him to win every game. We need to create some turnovers and put him in a better position to score. Maybe things are different. Its not up to him to win every football game for us. We will find a way to get better.

(On the team) We are building; we are trying to build something. Im not accustomed to this. Maybe some of the other guys on this team have been in some of their other programs. All we can ask from our guys is to finish this thing out and play hard. It doesnt matter what the score is, ever, it never has. There have been a lot of games where teams didnt beat us and we found ways to beat ourselves with turnovers, losing the position battle. Weve won those games in the past; we found a way to win them. This team has to find out about themselves if they can do that. You can blame it on a lot of different things, youth or new coaches, new quarterback. They are all excuses to me. We just have to find a way to get better.

C Jeff Faine

(On the offense) We just couldnt get it going. It just wasnt a good showing by us at all. The things we practiced on we just didnt execute. We just didnt look good today.

(On the lack of production) Without seeing the film, I dont know if we are all on the same page at all times. Those guys were able to make some plays, shed some blocks and get into the backfield. We really have to focus on our goals and get back to the Xs and Os in practice and make sure everyone blocks their man.

(On the loss of confidence in the run game) Not necessarily, there wasnt a lack of confidence at all. I did feel a little bit of panic at one point in the game. When things were going the way they were, what do you expect?

QB Josh Freeman

(On if he feels like he has taken a step back the past two weeks) Last week was really everything but the red zone. My first four games, once we got into the red zone we knew we were going to score. The Carolina game was kind of reverse. We were moving the ball and then couldnt get it done in the red zone. This week, we felt like we had a good plan but we didnt come out and execute. Weve got to learn to start faster, thats something weve got to do. Im going to put that on myself. Ive got to push the tempo in the huddle. We had the delay of game off the bat, we had some motion problems. Weve just got to eliminate those. You cant win; you cant get the right start when you are making mistakes like that.

(On his first interception) I was trying to get the ball to AB [Antonio Bryant]. I dropped back, looked left, tried to snap back right and catch him in a window. He ran a good route but they had Bart Scott [David Harris] just sitting right there. I didnt see him as I looked back; I missed him in the middle.

(On why the Buccaneers came out passing instead of establishing the run) We have confidence in our passing game. Obviously the Jets got the better of us today and it showed. They have a very talented defense, great schemes. We just felt like we were going to come out and get it going. Looking at the film there was an open guy. We could have banged it out there and had an easy eight to 10-yard gain on the first play of the game, but I went to the other side and it was a bad decision by me.

(On how much of the game he is putting on himself) Its all on me. Im the quarterback. Ive got to find a way to go in and look at these protections and get something down. [Jeff] Faine makes some of the calls; I make some of the calls. I need to get to the point where I go out and see what I see and make all the calls and know who Im hot off of. One time I made a call, Faine out to the left, and he made a call to slide right. Its one of those things where we need to be on the same page. A lot of those things can be cleaned up.

(On the Jets defensive pressure) They have a huge blitz package. They have a number of things and they do a great job of disguising it. There were a lot of times where you cant tell if its an all-out, you cant tell if its single-high, you cant tell if its zone or man. They do a lot of stuff to mix it up. I just have to do a better job of reading it on the fly and making the necessary throws to keep drives alive.

(On the offensive game plan) I think we wanted to run it. We had a multitude of runs and passes in the game. We script our first 15 plays and the first one was a pass. I cant throw an interception, its completely unacceptable.

S Tanard Jackson

(On dealing with a lot of short fields today) We did, but thats our job. We dont expect to be in situations like that. It was unexpected, but we have to go out and answer the bell. Whether its a sudden change off of an interception or whatever, we have to go out and do our jobs. No finger pointing or anything else like that, the defense happened to step up and answer the bell and try to hold them to field goals and no points.

(On if he feels that they did a pretty good job of holding their offense in check) I think that we definitely left some plays out there that we shouldve made, but I think overall we played well enough to hold them to field goals and give our offense more opportunities. It just didnt work out like we wanted it to.

(On if the effort was there) The effort is going to be there. We are all accountable; right now were all playing for our teammates. If we were to not do that we would be letting our team down as a whole. That is one thing that we are not going to do no matter what the outcome.

(On if it is as simple as pointing to a bad practice on Friday for the loss as coach Morris said) You can credit it to that. But Sundays is what we do. Preparation leading up to Sundays is very important. But when we come out on Sundays and its time to play against our opponents we know what we have to do. We know the game plan that has been put in place. So, it can be an issue but I think its more about us being on that field on Sunday and actually going out and doing what we have to do.

CB Elbert Mack

(On the game) It was definitely a frustrating day. I thought we prepared pretty good for them; we kind of had an idea of what they wanted to do offensively and special teams wise. We just let it get away from us. They were fortunate enough to capitalize on mistakes and pull it out.

(On holding them to field goals) Regardless of what happens on the offensive side of the ball, the defense has to go out and play 100 percent. We were backing them up pretty early and unfortunately they got a couple of field goals and got up on us. As long as they werent touchdowns we felt like we were sitting pretty comfortable.

(On the onside kick) That is the second time we ran it this year. We were fortunate enough to recover it both times. Special teams will probably start studying for it so we have to draw up something else so we can just get the ball back. Its definitely a weapon and we can use it at any time.

(On what Head Coach Raheem Morris said to the team) Just to keep our heads up. We are going to Seattle next week, trying to get our second win.

LB Barrett Ruud

(On the missed Thomas Jones tackle resulting in a TD) That was all on me. When you miss a tackle in a close quarters spot, thats not doing your job. In my mindset, that kind of lost us the game because you are still very into it when its 9-0 and they come in there and score a touchdown. If we kept it 9-0 or just to a field goal we would still be very into it. Unfortunately I didnt make the play and they ended up scoring.

(On if a tough loss drains the life out of players) No it doesnt because thats not being a good pro. This is when weak minded individuals start looking for excuses in blaming other people. If you are really into football and love the game, you look at yourself and find out how you can improve. Thats all you can do right now. You cant change. We are 1-12 now, all you can do is try to get better individually and try to help them team out as a whole.

DE/DT Jimmy Wilkerson

(On being able to stay in the game early by holding them to field goals) The defense started out pretty good. Going into the second half we held them to field goals. Then in the third quarter we gave up a touchdown and then from there we just kind of went downhill. We just have to continue to stay focused and learn how to finish out games.

(On if the heat and fatigue played a factor today when the defense was on the field for 50 plays in the first half) Fatigue did play a little bit of a factor. We got away from the heat for a little while but then it finally got back here and it was kind of a shock. We were kind of gassing. But that is partly our fault as players, with getting our bodies prepared physically with staying hydrated.

(On the Jets running backs) They have two very good running backs. They are small guys, but they can play like big guys and there really isnt just one guy that is going to take them down. You have to swarm these guys so you can take them down.

(On finishing up the season) Thats what being a pro is all about, learning how to finish out the whole season. Even though we have only won one game we still have to be focused and be confident in ourselves in the things that we are doing right.

RB Carnell Williams

(On the offense) We just couldnt get anything going. Its hard to put a finger on just one thing. It was just a poor performance by us.

(On the Jets defense) You have to tip your hat to the defense. They are the number one defense in the NFL but again a lot of that was us. Missed assignments and a lot of the minor stuff was just us which has been going on the whole year.

(On having the lack of the running game) When you run the ball and you arent successful only gaining one or two yards or getting hit in the backfield and it then becomes second and long, as a play caller you lose confidence in running the ball. I cant put it on that.

(On if the lack of execution was surprising) For us to just have guys running free and not doing what we are coached to do that is truly surprising.


Head Coach Rex Ryan

(Opening statement) Big win, every game in this league is tough. I think Kellen Clemens did a great job of managing the team. No turnovers at that position so its a winning performance. We won the turnover battle. We forced three and had the one. I think now our record is 6-0 when we win the turnover battle. It was a good performance by us. The big thing is what everybody is wondering is if I was going to make the whole game in this vest and I made it, so I feel fortunate about it and its my birthday so Im 47 and Ive made it this far. Thats pretty good.

(On the defense) I think were starting to figure this out a little bit. We were 0-14 on third downs by the defense today and I think last week we just gave up one first down on third downs so were really doing a great job. Thats critical as you know on defense. It was a great performance. Obviously our corners allowed us to do some different things and I think that young quarterback over there is going to be a good one. Its just a learning experience for him right now.

(On the big role Brad Smith played at the beginning of the game) We thought they would be geared up to stop our run so we wanted to bring in a couple new wrinkles. [Brian Schottenheimer] wanted to have some wrinkles in there. Brad is an explosive athlete. We said it all along. It was great to get him more involved in our offense.

(On his expectations of Kellen Clemens) Really its to play the position. That was it. We are going to be who we are. We believe in running the football and we believe in throwing completions. I think that is our game plan. It has been that way all year, but I think the thing we did a great job of is not turning the football over. We had the one turnover but other than that I thought we did an outstanding job protecting the ball. Guys played with heart, no question about it, it was tough. I could tell last night that we were going to play a great game.

QB Kellen Clemens

(On the lead-up to the game and on what he envisioned) The one thing that I did envision is winning. So obviously the bottom line is to get a win and were happy to be coming out of here with that. It was difficult to get into a rhythm. I think early on our defense did a great job starting the game off with a turnover putting us in great position. Then we come back and convert a fourth down, convert a fake punt and to come out with both of those drives and only get field goals was frustrating early on. We wanted to start faster than that, but hats off to the defense. They put us in great field position the entire first half, created turnovers, and the offensive line I think we ran for 170 yards. Obviously, we run the ball well. Thats something we lean on, its a strength of ours. Like I said, bottom line is to get a win. We are excited to get out of here with a W with the playoffs hopes still very much alive.

(On how he felt about his performance) I feel good about it. Id be lying if I said that I hadnt come here with a little bit higher expectations. But I think I did whats necessary, no turnovers and made good decisions in the run game, got us in and out of a couple of plays that we didnt want to be in. So I did my job. I dont think that I certainly blew the top off of anything, but I did what was required of me.

(On if he got frustrated) No, not frustrated, I wanted us offensively to put together more consistent drives. I think third downs still werent at the level that we expect. I wasnt frustrated personally, but I think we were all a little bit frustrated. We just couldnt quite get into a rhythm offensively until the fourth quarter. We started moving the ball a little bit. But, I think for the most part it was maybe not flowing like we are capable of.

(On if the offensive play calling was conservative) I think that we leaned on our strength, which is obviously our running game. We jumped up early with the defensive turnovers and then our defense was obviously up until late in the game pitching a shutout. You just dont want to do anything to give them momentum back at that point.

WR Jerricho Cotchery

(On the win) We came down here and did what we set out to do, leave with a W. We still have a lot of room for improvement but at the end of the day we got the win and we are very happy with that.

(On the Jets defense) It doesnt get any better than that. We say three and out and those guys get off the field on three and out. The first pass was an interception so thats one and done, youre off the field. You know you are going to have a lot of opportunities to put some points on the board and we have to do a better job of scoring touchdowns.

G Alan Faneca

(On Thomas Jones) What was he, top three in the league rushing before this game? Yeah, you dont ever hear anything about him, he just goes about his business and gets it done man, and I think if you asked him I think hes fine with that.

(On being overconfident going into the game) No, I think were finally at a point where we take every game as a game and not worry about anything else. Were at that point anyway right now where we have to win this one to make the next one worth it.

(On being worried about settling for early field goals) Yeah those first two drives we come back its 6-0 and all it takes is one drive, one play and all of a sudden theyve got a one point lead and everything we did before that doesnt matter. But thankfully, our defense didnt let that happen.

K Jay Feely

(On Jets performance on not taking Tampa Bay lightly) Its a perfect reminder that you have to come to play. It doesnt matter who you are playing against. I think we did pretty well. We definitely could have played better, but we came out here and asserted our will, and won the game handedly. We know we have to win out to have a chance at the playoffs. Weve known that for the past few weeks now.

(On having a good season thus far) I just try to get better every day. Im lucky to be playing, and grateful I have a job. I love playing, and I have a lot of fun.

LB David Harris

(On the game) We executed the game plan to the fullest. I think we gave up like 120 yards. Give credit to the coaches first. They came out and gave us a great game plan, we just executed it. We made the quarterback uncomfortable at times and we didnt allow them to get the running game going. We just pinned our ears back and got to them. We forced turnovers and got the ball back to the offense.

(On the turnover on the first play of game) We were in a cover 3 and the quarterback was staring the receiver down and I just read his eyes and threw the ball right to me and I had no choice but to catch the ball. Smitty said if I wasnt there he would have caught it. Thats a great way to start the game off.

(On whether people counted them out of the playoffs too soon) We cant worry about everybody else. We have to worry about whats in this locker room. We have to take it a week at a time. We have three games left and all three are big games for us. Its going to be a battle for that wild card and were in the mix of it.

RB Thomas Jones

(On being back in Tampa and on Raheem Morris) To see him [Raheem] move up, Im proud of him and happy for him. Things will get better down here. Hes a great coach. Hes got a lot of energy and the guys respect him, so Im looking forward to things getting better for him down here. And seeing all the coaches, the special teams coach; its just good to come back. I went out last night on Dale Mabry and went to where I used to live and it just brought back good memories. I love coming back to Tampa. Every time I come back here it brings back good memories. I love being down in Tampa. I made so many great relationships down here. Jon Gruden helped me get my career back on track, so coming down here and seeing the guys before and after the game it just brought back a lot of memories.

(On his 33-yard touchdown run) Our running back coach, Coach [Anthony] Lynn, the whole week was saying this plays going to be a touchdown. This plays going to be a touchdown. And thats what we were thinking when we called it on third down. The line obviously did a great job like they always do, kept guys from getting in the backfield. Tony Richardson made a great block coming off the edge and I was able to cut back and make the safety miss. It was just a textbook play and it worked exactly how we drew it up. Anthony Lynn called it at the beginning of the week and it ended up being a touchdown like he said it would.

(On the teams outlook) We have to take care of our business. We still have mostly tough games ahead and fortunate to win the last couple games, but we know we can play better and there are a lot things we could have done better in this game and those are the things we will focus on this week to get ready for the next game. So were not thinking about the playoffs at all. Right now its one game at a time and well see what happens. Take care of our business and hopefully good things will happen for us.

LB Calvin Pace

(On former Jets CB Earl Christys pregame speech) He came in and gave us some real inspirational stuff. Play for the man next to you and dont leave anything on the field. Its always good for an ex-player, a guy that has been through it, won a ring, and a true fan of the Jets. He came in and gave us some real stuff. It had everybody fired up because you could tell the passion he had for the Jets. I think we just kind of carried it over. Today was about starting fast, being physical and finishing the game and I think we did that in all three phases.

(On the defensive play) Like I said, today was about coming out starting fast and being physical up front and really forcing our will upon them. I dont think people got caught up on that 1-11 thing because they have a number of good players that played a long time in this league. Anytime you try to come into somebody elses home and try to come in and get a win, it is going to be tough. Today was about being the defense that we know we can be. Thats turnovers, stopping the run and being active in the pass rush.

CB Darelle Revis

(On defensive effort) This is great. We came in with a lot of energy. We wanted to force some turnovers and we started with the David Harris interception and just kept on piling up turnovers.

(On how much the early interception set the tone) It set it a lot. Like I told the reporters earlier during the week, its tough to come to an away game. They had momentum and the one thing we did, we took the momentum right back.

(On if he knew that the Buccaneers had not converted a first down in the first half) We didnt find out until halftime. That was a crazy stat that the coaches brought up, and we just talked about keep on pouncing on them, just keep on fighting. We did and then we eventually made plays, just kept on trying to compete.

S Kerry Rhodes

(On the defensive effort) It was a good effort man. Those guys played great out there I dont know what you say. It was pretty much a complete game by the defense.

(On the interception) It was a pick. Help the team any way I can, made a play. It wasnt that big.

(On whether the team is now back into playoff mix) I dont know. We have won three in a row now, 7-6. Were just gonna keep plugging along and hopefully we stay under the radar like we are right now and hopefully things fall into place.

LB Bart Scott

(On the performance by the defense) I got the retard of the day award by helping us get a post play penalty to give up the shutout. Other than myself I think everybody else did a great job making plays and getting off the field on third down.

(On playing a rookie quarterback and giving up no third down conversions) It felt great man. Thats how football feels when youre pitching a shutout or a no hitter. Like I said other that my ill veteran play we could have finished the deal with a shutout. Im sure I will have to put something in the fine pot for that one.

(On whether the team is now on a roll) We are just fighting for the opportunity to get into the tournament. You hope the games we lost early, close dont come back to bite us but the reality is we could be sitting in a much better situation here. Now were fighting for our lives every week. Its some on us and some on other people. We have to depend on other people to help us but we have to take care of our business first.

WR Brad Smith

(On the fake punt) We have some options. Coach Westhoff gives us two or three options when we get out there with a couple of protections and a couple of fakes every time that we can run based on the defense. He had enough trust in us to give us the green light and go with it. To make that check and go.

(On doing different things during the game) It felt good, its been a long time since I have been able to contribute in that way. Hopefully we can keep it going and finish out the year how we want to finish it.

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