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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-23-2001 - Post Game Quotes


Head Coach Tony Dungy "This was a good game and it came at a good time. We talked about making the big plays in our meeting last night. We needed the big plays, and they could come from anyone."

On RB Ricky Williams: "He's a hard running back. We knew we had to play him tough because he becomes stronger as the game goes on."

On injured players: "We had some guys banged up. They were able to go and go well. The score allowed us to take them out and rest them. Everyone wants to go to war with all of their horses. We did a good job of using our people. A lot of the guys knew the seriousness of this situation. We kept our intensity and did a great job."

FB Mike Alstott "The guys up front did a heck of a job against a very, very good defensive line and they did not give up a sack. It was just an all-around great day. When your defense can get some turnovers early and give you good field position, then you get early points and you can get into that mode. We were ahead all day, so we dictated what we wanted to do."

CB Ronde Barber "I was in position to make a couple of plays. It was real fun. It was an overall effort and we were able to create some turnovers and it was our type of game."

On QB Aaron Brooks: "He had a tough day. It made for a pretty explosive game for us. This was our first playoff game."

On his first interception: "He didn't see me lurking around in there, and it hit me right in the stomach. Because of my hamstring, I am just glad I am able to move and get yards after the catch."

On this game: "I wish I had an answer. We play day-to-day, game-to-game, and leave everything else in the past. We knew our objective. Our backs were against the wall for the 100th time and we let the nation see what we are all about."

LB Derrick Brooks

On the opening kickoff return: "It wasn't necessarily the return itself, it was the attitude during the return. He could have had an 86-yard return without getting touched, but it was Aaron (Stecker) breaking tackles, it was guys finishing their blocks. It was just the whole nature of the return, to me, was an attitude."

On Coach Ricky Thomas' pregame motivation: "Coach (Ricky) Thomas was saying that if you are committed to the task at hand, then step inside. He drew a boundary, then everybody stepped inside in unison."

RB Warrick Dunn "I'm just trying to get back to where I used to be. Every day I'm getting better, but that's probably the best I've looked since I have been hurt, so it's coming back."

On the victory: "Our backs are against the wall and we had to play well. It started on the opening kickoff. We took advantage of the field position, then things just started happening. Our gameplan was a little bit different, and we took advantage of it and made some points in the passing game."

K Martin Gramatica "We're not sure if it is tweaked or a cramp. I felt it the most on a kickoff. There was no sense going back in and injuring it. It feels fine now and I will be ready for Saturday. I will ice it all day, it is about all I can do. If I had pulled it, it would be like somebody kicked me or (feel like) a snap, but I did not feel that at all."

On John Lynch's kickoffs "He didn't know how to get the ball down (on the tee), but he did a great job."

QB Brad Johnson "The opening kickoff set the tempo of the game. Today we put a lot of pressure on the Saints offensive and defensive lines. I think the offensive line deserves every bit of credit. They really stepped up today. We had a lot of good things happen. The yards after the catch and hits were big. Each week has its own identity and each game has its own characters. The defense gave us the turnovers and the field position. We've been in so many close games all season long. Today, that's what a playoff game looks like. Still our first goal is to make the playoffs. We knew what was at stake. I think our intensity has been there all season long. It's believing, believing in the system."

WR Keyshawn Johnson "I think we played good. It seems that the games we have to win, this team just finds a way to win those football games. Our playoffs actually started today, now we have to continue and keep going. I think we did a good job in the running game. Mike (Alstott) especially did a terrific job. We aren't worried about the other 13 games because this is a one-game season and that is the way we have to treat it."

S John Lynch "You talk a lot in games like this about tempo setters. Aaron Stecker did a real good job on the kickoff return. He let the Saints know we were coming to play today. Plays like that lift the whole team. It lifted the electricity in the stadium and we kept it going on defense."

DE Simeon Rice On his 10 sacks this season "When you break into double-digit sacks, you feel like you really accomplished something. There is a lot more to do and a lot further to go."

DT Warren Sapp "Our special teams got us started and our offense did a great job of putting points on the board. Then the defense got three-and-outs. We are rolling and we have an abundance of confidence. We didn't finish off like we should have, but we will take the win. The defense was good enough to win the game in the first half. We played lights out. We need to crank the power and mash the gas. We were in position to control our own destiny now."

On playing hurt: "I could not have looked Coach (Dungy) in the face and said I wasn't going to play. I left this game healthier than I left Chicago."

WR Karl Williams "I think Aaron Stecker set the tone and from there on, everyone pretty much knew what to do and that was concentrate on what was at stake."

On his touchdown: "Brad put me in an individual route and they kind of got into the wrong coverage. They gave me the outside. I ran a quick out, broke a tackle and made it to the end zone."

T Jerry Wunsch "In order to lock up a playoff spot, we have to win one more game so therefore we have to take care of business. I think we are proud of how we came out in the first half by adjusting and making plays. We are going to keep on fighting. We are just going to give it our all and see where this thing takes us."


Head Coach Jim Haslett "We were bad all around, in all three phases, but we have to give credit where credit is due. We didn't run well and we didn't tackle well. They beat us in every phase today. They scored right away, we threw an interception, and we never had a chance."

On the playoffs: "Tampa Bay has the upper hand and rightfully so after that performance."

On Tampa Bay's offense: "They got up on us fast and when you're down 17 points and playing catch-up against a good team, it's hard to come back."

QB Aaron Brooks "We need to come back and play even harder next week and just watch the film. We played a very tough Tampa Bay team and when you're behind 30 points it's hard to get back into the game."

On the Tampa Bay defense "At times, the pressure was very surprising. Players have to look into the mirror and ask if they've been giving their all. We've played a lot of tough teams but you have to learn how to come out on top."

WR Willie Jackson "We just got off to a slow start, but we've got two games left and we'll see what happens. We've come back from 24 points against a more explosive team."

WR Joe Horn "I'm not downplaying Tampa Bay's effort today. They came out very high emotionally and the fans were behind them. There's a lot of speculation that he (Tony Dungy) might be leaving after this year. But he has done a hell of a job for those guys. There was no carryover for me personally from last week. They mostly played a cover two like the Rams did on Monday night. I thought the receivers were open today but they got Aaron (Brooks) out of the pocket a lot."

On their playoff chances: "It's not over yet. We have to hope that Tampa Bay slips a notch. I'm not going to hang my head right now because if and when we get into the playoffs, everyone is back to 0-0. The records start all over."

On Tony Dungy: "Tony (Dungy) is a hell of a coach. He's doing a great job for those kids over there. They need to play this way every week and then there would be no speculation. They showed character and leadership today. I'm rooting for him personally, but not the team, obviously. I would love to play for him. None of his players want him to leave."

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