Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-23-2002 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(On the outcome) "We're very disappointed in the outcome of the game. I want to congratulate the Steelers. We never really got our crowd into the game. The first five minutes were catastrophic tonight. We had some opportunities in the red zone area we turned the ball over and never got going after that."

(On Brad Johnson not playing) "We had a pretty good idea. All week he was listed as questionable. He was unable to perform really on the practice field. Shaun took almost all of the reps. We brought Brad over here early and he just didn't have the mobility to play tonight. That's when we went with Shaun King and we relieved him in the third quarter with Rob (Johnson)."

(On when Brad might return) "I really don't know. This is an injury that has been looked at carefully with X-rays, MRIs and things of that nature. The X-rays are negative but there's just a lot of soreness in there that really inhibits his movement and his ability to throw the football. Until it gets better, we're not going to have the opportunity to play him."

(On getting what you deserve) "We turned the ball over inside the red zone and we threw and interception for a touchdown. We gave up some uncharacteristic big plays. You pretty much get what you deserve in this business and we got it tonight."

QB Shaun King

(On what good can come from the game) "(I can) come out next week and I will be able to be a lot better. I thought I did some good things tonight. There were some plays I left out there that I wish I could get back. It wasn't a good half of football. (There's not) a lot of football left. I'll get a lot better."

(On if he was trying too hard) "I don't think so. I just think we didn't click consistently as an offense. We turned it over a couple of times in scoring position, and when we do that it's tough to win."

(On Pittsburgh) "Pitt's a good team. You look at the first seven minutes and we were down 14-0. So, you tip your hat to them. They played well. As an offense, we need to regroup. We need to come back and get a first-round bye. We'll come back and we'll play better next week."

(On Rob Johnson) "I think Rob played well. He came in in a tough situation and made some plays, but when we have opportunities to put points on the board, you have to do it."

CB Brian Kelly

(On Pittsburgh) "Congratulations to Pittsburgh. They came in and played a tough game. But we still have a lot to play for and we've got a lot going for us. We've got to continue to get better and play hard next week and get a win."


QB Tommy Maddox

(On the game) "This was a big game for us to jump out to a lead like that. When the defense plays like that, it's pretty easy."

(On his wide receivers) "Plex (Plaxico) did a great job. They tried to get that eighth man in the box. And Plex and Hines (Ward) did a great job."

(On the offensive line) "The offensive line did a whale of a job."

WR Hines Ward

(On the receivers and intensity) "We treated this like a playoff game. We went out there and had our way with those guys. They were in single-high coverage and we have two capable guys on either side."

LB Kendrell Bell

(On the game) "We just there is a time to start doing what we do best. We didn't care who was at quarterback. We just played our game."

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