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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

3 Buccaneers to Watch on Hard Knocks

A few Bucs to keep an eye on during the first episode of Hard Knocks on Tuesday night.

1. QB Jameis Winston
It's no secret that the crew from NFL Films has been trying to capture as much footage of the Buccaneers' quarterback as they can. The cameras are out at practice every day, and it seems like there is a crew of three people following Winston's every move every day. But what'll be really interesting is the footage they air of Winston off the field. HBO has already released a teaser visiting Winston at his childhood home in Alabama, and that's probably the tip of the iceberg. Reporters are all over Winston's on-field performance during practice, but this could be an great opportunity to meet Winston as a person, instead of just as a football player.


  1. LB Coach Mark Duffner**
    In an excellent interview with Hard Knocks' director, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Duffner could be one of the stars of this year's show. Matt Dissinger described Duffner as "interesting on the field" and "very loud and commanding." Plus, Duffner works with one of the Buccaneers' most outspoken personalities, Kwon Alexander, every day. It will also be interesting to see Duffner's relationship with Lavonte David and Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith.  

3. DT Chris Baker
The cameras like Baker, and the feeling appears to be mutual. Baker can regularly be seen dancing for the Hard Knocks cameras, something he said he hopes to see on the show. There have also been several instances where the Buccaneers' kickers were practicing field goals during special teams drills and Baker, along with several other Buccaneers, were delivering some friendly banter to try to disrupt the kicker's focus. Hard Knocks had a boom microphone right over Baker's head throughout the whole special teams period one day.

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