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5 Standouts from Camp, August 17

A few players who impressed during the Bucs' training camp practice with the Jaguars on Wednesday.

Pictures of the Buccaneers leaving for the Jacksonville on Tuesday.

1. CB Brent Grimes
If training camp is any indicator, Grimes' first season with the Buccaneers is poised to be a stellar one. He's flashed all of camp and continued to do so on Wednesday when the Buccaneers traveled to Jacksonville to practice with the Jaguars. Grimes had what was undoubtedly the play of the day during seven-on-seven drills, making a leaping, one-handed interception off of Blake Bortles.

](http://www.buccaneers.com/news/article-1/Buccaneers-2016-Training-Camp-Schedule/12606920-b1fe-40af-ba9c-420899588921) 2. DT Gerald McCoy
The Jaguars' offensive linemen learned what the Bucs' offensive linemen already knew: McCoy is a very difficult blocking assignment. Throughout training camp, McCoy has needed at least two offensive linemen on him to slow him down. He had a few one-on-one opportunities against the Jaguars and took full advantage. McCoy, as one would expect, has had a promising training camp thus far.


  1. WR Kenny Bell**
    While Grimes' catch was the play of the day, Bell flashed a few different times for a few different reasons. He had an impressive catch during the Bucs' blitz period against the Jags' defense, jumping over two defenders to secure a catch deep down the middle of the field. He had another impressive catching during seven-on-seven drills and had a few excellent reps working as a gunner on the punt coverage team.

The Bucs' O-line had their ups and downs against Jacksonville, but it's impossible not to notice Marpet's athleticism. The Bucs drew up a few screen plays on Wednesday, and Marpet was often the pulling guard leading the way. He has done a nice job getting downfield and putting a body on defensive backs when he's been asked to.

5. DE Will Gholston
Gholston's versatility makes him a difficult matchup for an offense. He's big enough to play on the inside, but faster than many interior offensive linemen. He's also a bigger defensive end, which presents issues for offensive tackles. While he tough to block for a guard or tackle, he's pretty much un-blockable for a tight end. The Jaguars tried to have a tight end block Gholston one-on-one a few times and he was in the backfield nearly every time.

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