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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Standouts from Training Camp, August 9

A few players who impressed during the Buccaneers' training camp practice on Wednesday.

1. WR DeSean Jackson
Anybody who saw 20 minutes of practice on Wednesday could have predicted that Jackson would make this list. He caught back-to-back passes during the two-minute drill to move the Buccaneers within striking distance and caught a touchdown pass from Jameis Winston a few plays later. Jackson flashed again later in practice, catching a jump ball over Brent Grimes.

2. QB Jameis Winston
The season premiere of Hard Knocks ended with a short montage of Winston struggling at practice. Wednesday's practice could have been any more different. Winston's ball placement during one-on-one drills was nearly perfect and he helped the Buccaneers' offense put together a strong practice.


  1. LB Devante Bond**
    Bond entered training camp knowing that he was the starter as the Bucs' strong side outside linebacker, but also knowing that he was stepping in to a fierce competition. The Buccaneers drafted Kendell Beckwith in the third round, and despite suffering a serious knee injury eight months ago, Beckwith been full-go for camp. Bond has been the starter each practice thus far and was impressive working in the red zone on Wednesday.

4. TE O.J. Howard
Physically, Howard is an imposing figure. He's 6-foot-6 and 250 pounds, but can also run like a wide receiver. We saw the best of both worlds on Wednesday, with Howard completing a few key blocks in the run game and catching a half-dozen passes during various team exercises. He's still be working mostly with the Bucs' second-team offense, though.

For the sake of accuracy, McCoy has to be on this list. He deserves a spot almost every day. During team drills, he was held, drew a flag and still recorded a sack. He was so deep in the backfield on two plays during team drills that the offensive might as well have blown the play dead.

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