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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Takeaways: Evans, Verner, Dotson PCs

Wide receiver Mike Evans, cornerback Alterraun Verner and offensive tackle Demar Dotson spoke to the media on Tuesday.

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QUOTES: EVANS, VERNER, DOTSON1. Mike Evans wants to be a Pro Bowler.
Does Evans set goals for himself? "Yeah, I set goals," he said. "Not statistical goals, but what I can do as far as team goals and goals that can't be measured on stats. I do stuff like rookie of the year last year. I came up short on that. This year I want to be a Pro Bowler, things like that. I want to make the playoffs. Those are my two main goals right now."

2. Alterraun Verner is excited for a shot at his former team.
Verner hoped that he could play against the Titans, his former team, in Week 1. But he knew the chances were slim. When he saw the schedule, he said that he was excited for the opportunity. "I am definitely excited. I was talking to my wife about it, knowing we play them this year and just thinking the odds of it being the first game were so slim, so when it happened I kind of had to eat my words to my wife, but it's exciting."


  1. Evans thinks highly of defensive back Deshazor Everett.** Evans and Everett, who was signed as an undrafted free agent, played together at Texas A&M. On Tuesday, Evans said that he has high expectations for his former teammate and that he thinks he has a good chance to make the team. "Me and him had a lot of battles," Evans said. "We came in together, class of 2011. That boy is a baller. I think he will have a real good shot at making the team. He works hard. He can play safety, nickel or corner. He'll do the dirty work. He'll get on special teams. He'll do whatever it takes. I'm excited about having him here."4. Verner isn't thinking about last season.
    Verner admitted that last season was tough, but said that he, and the Bucs, are looking forward, not backards. "All we can control is what goes forward," he said. "We can go out and win a Super Bowl this year and I think not too many people are going to talk about what happened that past year, unless they want to do a Cinderella story or what not. It's all about what's forward. That's what the NFL is about. It's not about what you did in the past. Nobody cares I went to the Pro Bowl two years ago. That's way in the past. Nobody cares that Seattle won the Super Bowl the year before. The Patriots are the Super Bowl champs right now, so we have to worry about what is going forward and that's why I did take a little longer time to try to get that in my head."


  1. Demar Dotson is more comfortable on the right side of the line.**
    The Bucs selected Donovan Smith in the second round of this year's draft, and General Manager Jason Licht and Head Coach Lovie Smith indicated he would play left tackle to start out. That bodes well for Dotson, who prefers to play on the right. "Obviously, I'm more comfortable on the right because I've been playing there for my whole career, but if they want me to go over there then without a shadow of a doubt I'll go over there," Dotson said. "And do the best that I can. I want to do whatever it takes to help this football team be successful, so if I can go over to the left and help it be productive then that's what I want to do, but it's more obvious that I'm more comfortable at the right."
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