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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Takeaways from Buccaneers vs. Falcons

Five notes from Sunday's game, including the similarities Logan Mankins sees between Jameis Winston and Tom Brady.


  1. Jameis walked into the huddle and asked who wanted the game-winning touchdown.**
    With time running out and the Bucs driving, Jameis Winston walked into the huddle and asked who wanted to score the game-winner. Mike Evans was the first to speak up. "I go into the huddle – after that long drive, guys are tired – I said, 'Who wants a touchdown?' Winston said. "I smiled and said, 'Who wants a touchdown?' Mike said, 'Me, me me!' [laughter]. I said, 'All right.' And that's the honest to God truth. That's what literally happened. I said, 'Who wants the touchdown?' I wish the center was mic'd up, but Mike said, 'Me, me, me!' There were a couple other guys who said, 'Me,' too, but Mike was like a kid – 'Me, me, me!' – and I got him the ball."

2. Doug Martin is on Adrian Peterson's heels.
Martin ran for 95 yards on Sunday, his third consecutive game with as many, or more, rushing yards. He currently has 1,133, second in the NFL. But this week, he gained some ground on the league-leader, Adrian Peterson. As of this week, Martin is just 49 yards behind Peterson.


  1. Lavonte David knew where the Falcons wanted to throw the ball on their final drive.**
    Following the Bucs' go-ahead touchdown, David picked off Matt Ryan to seal the victory.  His interception came on the very first play of Atlanta's final possession. David said that, based on film study, he had a feeling where the ball was going. "Every time in film study, coming out of the two minute they were gonna try to get a chunk play," David said. "The chunk play always goes to 11 (Julio Jones). I was just playing deep and short and got in the throwing lane, and got an interception."

4. Logan Mankins sees similarities between Tom Brady and Winston.
Following the game, Makins was asked if Winston reminded him of Brady, whom Mankins played with during his time in New England. "Definitely," Mankins said, "that's all that matters to Tom is winning and that's what we get from Jameis, he just wants to win whether it's handing it off or him scrambling or him throwing a touchdown pass to win, whatever it takes to win he's going to do it."

5. The Bucs need to win out.
The Bucs still have four games left, but Head Coach Lovie Smith knows that there must be a sense of urgency now. Following the Bucs' win, he said that the team needed to win each of their four games moving forward. Coach Smith added, though, that the way to do that is to look at the season one game at a time. "In order for us to have a chance, we need to win out," Smith said. "Simple as that. Winning-out means winning your next game. We have a one-game season coming up. This big win allowed us to have another one-game season. There's a lot on the line for next week."

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