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5 Takeaways: Koetter on Jameis Winston

Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter's press conference on Monday revolved mainly around quarterback Jameis Winston. Here are five highlights from what he had to say.

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1. Winston's ability to absorb information impressed him right away.
If there was a "wow" moment for Koetter, a moment that he realized that Winston was the player that the Bucanneers should select, it was after a meeting with Winston, Koetter and Quarterbacks Coach Mike Bajakian had during the evaluation process. "Mike (Bajakian) did a little install with him similar to what a day one install would be, let's say for rookie mini-camp," Koetter said. "We tested him – Mike was flying; Mike was going fast. We took a little break, had lunch, he met with some other people. We went back in the room and put the tape on, no pictures just the tape, and said, 'Alright, what's this, what's this, what's this, what's this?' And he did very well, real impressive."

2. Florida State's complex offense has Winston prepared.
Leading up to the draft, there was much made of Florida State's pro-style offense and how it had Winston prepared for the NFL. During Florida State's pro day, Koetter caught a look inside Florida State's playbook, which re-affirmed his belief that Head Coach Jimbo Fisher's system had Winston prepared for the next level. "When we were up there for Jameis' pro day I was in the O-line room and (Offensive Line Coach) George (Warhop) was out doing install with the O-linemen we were working out from Florida State and there was a playbook sitting there," Koetter said. "It was their spring playbook, their spring install. I'm going to lie and say I was bored when George was talking so I picked up their playbook and I started looking at it. Heck, Florida State was probably installing more stuff per day than we do. I've known about Jimbo Fisher and his style of offense for a long time. They truly do run an NFL style system. They ask a lot of their guys mentally." He continued, "Jameis is as well-prepared as most any guy could be right now."


Photos of QB Jameis Winston at Buccaneers rookie mini-camp.

  1. Winston still has a lot to work on.** What does Winston have to work on? "I'm going to quote him," Koetter said, "… everything. "He's a rookie. He's a rookie quarterback. He has to work on everything and we all do. He's not alone in that. There's a lot to learn. It's like when you go from high school to college and college to pro – the game's faster, the defenses are better, the players are better, the coaches, they make quick adjustments, there's a lot of volume so he needs to work on everything and the great thing is – he wants to work on everything."4. Winston's watching Matt Ryan, Josh McCown and Mike Glennon's film.
    Koetter said that he's been putting film together of Ryan, his former quarterback in Atlanta, along with the Bucs' two starters from a year ago for Winston to study. "Right now because of my recent association with Matt Ryan, we're studying some Atlanta cut-ups," Koetter said. "We're studying Atlanta cut-ups and we're studying Tampa cut-ups. He (Winston) is seeing on tape every day a combination of Mike Glennon, Matt Ryan and Josh McCown."

5. Winston is a natural leader.
Winston greeted his rookie teammates at the door when they arrived for mini-camp last week and Koetter said that he's continued to show leadership qualities with the veterans, who reported on Monday. "He is naturally gifted as a leader," Koetter said. "He's got a certain charisma about him, especially on the field. I think players are naturally attracted to him. I think players like playing with him."

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