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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Things to Know About John Ross

A few interesting facts about the Washington wide receiver.

Some of the top shots of Washington wide receiver John Ross.

1. He's the fastest player to ever run the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.
For nearly a decade, Chris Johnson's time of 4.24 seconds remained the fastest in the history of the Combine. In February, Ross put an end to that. He clocked in at 4.22 seconds, the fastest of all-time. It's worth noting, though, that centralized 40-yard dash times haven't existed for long. Players like Deion Sanders have claimed to run faster, but Ross' time is the fastest to be officially recorded.

2. He broke out in 2016.
Ross missed the 2015 season and entered 2016 with 33 career catches for 578 yards. Despite what the stat sheet says, he did show flashes of brilliance. During his sophomore season, Ross caught 17 passes, five of which were touchdowns. Ross hit his groove in 2016, catching 81 passes for 1,150 yards and 18 touchdowns.


  1. He's been utilized in the running game.**
    Ross scored 24 touchdowns in college, and two of those scores came on the ground. He carried the ball 20 times during his college career for 195 yards, an average of nearly 10 yards per carry. He averaged 12.8 yards per attempt in 2016.

4. He's been compared to a current Buccaneer.
In their scouting report, listed Ross' pro comparison as DeSean Jackson, who signed with the Buccaneers as a free agent this spring. Both players a smaller, explosive receivers; neither player is taller than six feet and Jackson was listed as the second-fastest ball-carrier in the NFL last year, per Next Gen Stats. Interestingly, both players are from the same city in California and have trained together before.

5. He grew up playing for Snoop Dogg's Pop Warner team.
Snoop Dogg is an avid supporter of youth football in the state of California, and Ross played for one of his teams growing up. In an interview with ESPN, Ross said Snoop Dogg had a profound impact on him and the area of California he grew up in.

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