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5 Things We Learned about Ryan Fitzpatrick

A few interesting takeaways from Fitzpatrick's animated press conference on Tuesday.

1. He teaches classes on how to solve a Rubik's Cube.
Fitzpatrick can solve the cube in about a minute and has been teaching classes for grade-school kids on how to solve it. "I've got a class of 10 kids," Fitzpatrick said. "I limit it to 10 because teaching 10 kids how to do the Rubik's Cube at one time is difficult, but my second-grader and my fourth-grader come in and help me. It's just something that's kind of a hobby of mine that I have a lot of fun with, and there's a ton of interest in my son's school, people trying to learn it. I think right now we're up to six of the 10 can do it. None of them can beat me yet but there's one girl that's awful close."

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Fitzpatrick hoped to be recruited by Koetter when he was the head coach at Arizona State nearly 20 years ago, but did not receive an offer from the Sun Devils. "The first thing that stood out to me is that he was about 16 years late in calling me, because I wanted to go to Arizona State," Fitzpatrick joked.


Pictures from the Buccaneers' OTA practice on Tuesday.

  1. His beard is preparing to battle the humidity.**
    Fitzpatrick said he is not planning on shaving his beard, despite the brutal humidity in Tampa. "It was pretty hot in Houston as well," Fitzpatrick said. "I don't know how they compare. It depends, I don't know. I don't really like cutting it." Fitzpatrick added that he has a few humidity-related products to maintain his beard.

NEWS: BUCS SIGN THREE DRAFT PICKS4. He wouldn't let Jameis Winston see his "secret" Harvard handshake.
Fitzpatrick joins Cameron Brate as the second Harvard alum on the Buccaneers' roster, and when Fitzpatrick saw Brate in the hallway at One Buc Place, he greeted him with his alma mater's secret handshake. "It was funny, because when I saw Cam,  it was the first time I met him but Cam and Jameis were walking down the hallway and I had Jameis look away because we had to do our secret handshake that nobody else is allowed to see," Fitzpatrick joked.

5. He isn't the best golfer on the team.
On his first day in the building, the Buccaneers were treated to a morning at Topgolf by the team's coaching staff. There, Fitzpatrick quickly learned he wasn't at the top of the pecking order on the golf course. "There were a few guys who took me down," he said.

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