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To better serve those it is trying to reach, the Glazer Family Foundation has launched a dynamic new web site


Since its founding in 1999, the Glazer Family Foundation has provided aid, comfort and support to countless citizens in Central Florida.  It has done so by sticking steadfastly to its mission, which is to better the lives of children and families by establishing lasting, impactful programs throughout Florida communities.

As it continues into its second decade of service, the Foundation has just one goal that drives its daily efforts: Reach even more people in need.

On Monday, another step was taken in pursuit of that goal.  In order to better serve those who can benefit from the Foundation's work, and to provide a more exciting and dynamic connection with the public, the Glazer Family Foundation has launched a brand new web site.

To go directly to the new GlazerFamilyFoundation.org, please click here.

Because so much of the Foundation's work is aimed at kids in need, many of its programs are built around that sense of wonder that informs a child's view of the world.  The new Foundation web site is designed to inspire that same feeling, with a bright and appealing interface that will make a child think of an enormous playground.  Set by a bright blue bay and a skyline that represents the thriving Bay area, the Foundation's collection of core programs is presented like a town ready to be explored.

Of course, GlazerFamilyFoundation.org is designed to be both engaging and informative, appealing to the eye but also simple to navigate.  Many of the web site's visitors will be seeking information on how to become involved in specific programs, and they will find that information within a simple click or two.

There is, of course, a faithful representation of the fantastic new Glazer Children's Museum, a project that came to life with the Foundation's signature donation of $5 million.  Rolling over the museum image causes a flagpole to raise and a flag to extend that holds a link to the site's section on that topic.  Clicking on that link takes the visitor to a page with information about the museum, moving images of children exploring its exhibits and a collection of recent stories on the topic.

Similarly, the park on the bay is bookended on the other side by Raymond James Stadium, which represents the Gameday for Kids program and contains a link to similar information on that program.

Other initiatives that are just a click away through the little town's buildings include Make Reading Your Goal, the Grant Program, Buc-Packs for Back to School, Cheering You On!, the Vision Mobile, Gameday Collection Drives, the Holiday Shopping Spree and the foundation's support of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission.

For example, clicking on the building that represents the Grant Program will take the visitor to a page where he or she can learn about the programs the Foundation has supported and how to apply for a grant.  Grant-seekers can click on one tab outlining guidelines for applicants, and another to learn when the next applications will be accepted.  All programs that require applications will have those attached when the application period is active.

The Glazer Family Foundation is involved in charitable programs throughout the calendar year, and its web site the perfect location to keep abreast of its most recent programs.  A news link takes the visitor to a page of recent stories and press releases; current visitors, for instance, can read about the Vision Mobile's latest accomplishments and all the programs the Foundation plans to carry out in 2011.

Over the last dozen years, the Glazer Family Foundation has strived to make itself a critical part of the Bay area's vibrant community, to lend a hand where it is needed and to celebrate the achievements and dreams of its citizens.  That sense of community, and that need to dream, is what the new GlazerFamilyFoundation.org is constructed upon.  We invite you to visit us today!

The Glazer Family Foundation intends to make 2011 its most impactful year yet.  With the launch of its new web site on Monday, that journey is well underway.

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