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A day after leading Tampa Bay to a 14-10 win over Green Bay, Mike Alstott joins the Pewter Power Hour to chat with Buc fans


FB Mike Alstott spent 40 minutes chatting with Buc fans Monday night on the Pewter Power Hour

Mike Karney knows a little bit about how Mike McKenzie feels.

You see, they both barely missed Mike Alstott.

On Sunday, Alstott helped power the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 14-10 win over the Green Bay Packers, rushing for 77 yards on 15 carries. He was asked to take on an increased role in the offense with RB Warrick Dunn out due to a foot injury, and he responded with a game-winning, 39-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. McKenzie, the Packer cornerback, was the last tackler with a shot at Alstott on that scoring run, but a Keyshawn Johnson block took him out of the play.

On Monday, Alstott was on the Pewter Power Hour, the unique call-in show, talking directly to any Buccaneers fans who chose to call in. Alstott spent 40 minutes chatting with Buc fans. Karney, unfortunately, called in about 42 minutes into the show.

Karney is a fullback at Arizona State, an up-and-coming player who has tried to follow in Alstott's footsteps since Karney's sophomore year in high school. The two bruisers met in 1999 after a Buccaneers game in Seattle, and both remember the moment. Karney, who has patterned his training techniques after Alstott's college regimen, sent an e-mail into the Pewter Power Hour for Alstott's appearance, which the Buccaneer fullback addressed during his time on the air. Though the two missed each other during the show, Alstott still offered some words of encouragement.

"I appreciate that," said the four-time Pro Bowl fullback of Karney's complimentary e-mail. "If he is listening, I do remember you and I wish you the best of luck. If I can give you any advice, just work hard and play hard. Obviously, you're still in school, so you have to maintain the grades to stay on the football field. Just live your dream."

Karney heard every word. Minutes later, he spoke to the other Buccaneer fans listening across the nation about the influence Alstott has had on his football career.

"I've been watching Mike ever since he left Purdue," said Karney. "About my sophomore year in high school, I read up on things that he did, training-wise, dragging the Jeep in college and stuff like that. I went out and started pushing my car on a routine basis, week to week, every day, dragging sleds and running with parachutes, everything. There's just something about it. I love everything that he did and I have as much pride in playing the position as he does."

Alstott sent his good wishes to Karney indirectly, but for most of the show he engaged Buc fans personally, with candor and humor. The disgruntled fan from New York got to bounce his complaints off Alstott, and the little girl from Tampa was able to speak with her favorite player. It was 40 minutes of one-on-one fan-player exchange – exactly what the Pewter Power Hour is designed to provide.

During the show, Alstott addressed the offensive play-calling, the aforementioned touchdown run against Green Bay, his off-the-field commitment to area youth, and much more. To listen to the entire Pewter Power Hour with Mike Alstott, please click here.

The Pewter Power Hour runs on every Monday night, with a different guest each week straight out of the Bucs' locker room. Check throughout the week for the time and featured guest of next week's show.

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