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AP Pro32 ballot from Gannon

AP Pro32-Gannon Ballot

Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Rich Gannon of CBS Sports/SiriusXM NFL Radio:

Week 5

RICH GANNON (CBS Sports/SiriusXM NFL Radio)

  1. Houston Texans - On a roll right now, solid on offense and scoring on defense ... lethal combination!
  1. Atlanta Falcons - Something special happening with the Falcons and the players believe it as well.
  1. Baltimore Ravens - Survived a stretch of four games in 18 days and now after a few extra days off before heading to KC to dismantle the Chiefs.
  1. San Francisco 49ers - Beat down of the Jets reaffirms that this team is legit and can dominate on the road.
  1. Green Bay Packers - Survived the officiating to win at home. Still not perfect but they are figuring things out.
  1. Arizona Cardinals - Nobody better in overtime right now than this crew. Strong finish last year carrying over to this season as they now have won 11 of last 13 games.
  1. New England Patriots - Second half surge against Buffalo was huge. Still giving up too many big plays on defense.
  1. Philadelphia Eagles - Most impressive to me wasn't the play of Vick against the Giants but rather the running of LeSean McCoy ... Special!
  1. Cincinnati Bengals - If Dalton to Green doesn't get your attention then maybe a defense that leads the league in sacks will.
  1. New York Giants - Had plenty of chances in Philly but couldn't finish. When they have all their horses, they are tough to beat.
  1. Denver Broncos - I know it was the Raiders, but not a single punt and over 500 yards of offense.
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers - Getting Polamalu and Harrison back will be huge for this team.
  1. San Diego Chargers - Six takeaways against the Chiefs and solid play from Rivers is a formula for success.
  1. Minnesota Vikings - Nobody saw this coming as the Vikes are on top in the NFC North. Only starting QB without and interception is the league's most improved player, Christian Ponder.
  1. Chicago Bears - Beat down of the Cowboys on Monday night was impressive although I could do without Cutler disrespecting O.C. Mike Tice on the sidelines.
  1. Detroit Lions - All kind of issues, including horrendous special teams play.
  1. Buffalo Bills - As soon as Fitzpatrick figures out how to take better care of the ball is when the Bills will start to win consistently.
  1. New York Jets - Seems high doesn't it? But at this point there are plenty of mediocre teams with issues and the Jets are one of them.
  1. Dallas Cowboys - Haven't completely given up on Romo and the Cowboys ... at least not yet.
  1. Washington Redskins - Who would have thought Billy Cundiff would have made that last kick after missing his first three? Not me!
  1. Carolina Panthers - Painful loss at Atlanta, but they are getting better.
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Have to figure a way to finish in the fourth quarter as every game they play is going to come down to the wire.
  1. St. Louis Rams - Much more competitive despite a lack of talent at some key positions.
  1. Seattle Seahawks - Time for a QB change?
  1. Miami Dolphins - Trending up with the play of their defense and young QB Ryan Tannehill.
  1. Kansas City Chiefs - Never a good thing when the HC is discussing the QB situation at his post game press conference.
  1. New Orleans Saints - Nice effort in GB but where is the defense... Just awful!
  1. Tennessee Titans - Starting to have my concerns about whether or not Locker can stay healthy.
  1. Indianapolis Colts - Things only get more difficult without HC Chuck Pagano, who is battling leukemia. Hurry back coach!
  1. Oakland Raiders - No team struggles to win two in a row more than the Raiders.
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - If they can't run the ball with MJD, they can't win with that QB.
  1. Cleveland Browns - New ownership will continue to evaluate everyone in that building.

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