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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Becht: 3 Keys for Bucs vs. Browns

The Buccaneers have had a tough go of it the past several weeks, with their record standing at 1-6. The positive spin on the Bucs position right now is that they’re sitting 2.5 games out of first place. Next up are the surprising 4-3 Browns. Here are a few keys to this weeks game.


1) EXECUTION BY 11** Week-to-week, as you watch the tape, almost every Buccaneer player has taken their turn on not properly fulfilling their assignment. This is very common across the board for the majority of the NFL. The problem is the frequency that it's happening for the Bucs. There comes a point when teams that install new offenses and defenses figure it out. Lack of execution can happen for a variety of reasons: injuries, new players, and players just blowing their assignment. At the midway point of the Buccaneers season, I need to see a better "Execution by 11" vs the Browns on Sunday. If my eyes can see that, then regardless of wins or loses, I can be optimistic on the future.2) MCCOY AND DAVID The defense has been struggling the entire season. I constantly preach that our two best players can't do it by themselves each week. Teams will game plan these two guys to not stop them but keep them in check. This week vs the Browns, I'm flipping the scripts. McCoy and David are the leaders and future of this defense. This week against the Browns, these two guys need to be special on the field and in the leadership department. Their play must be infectious in some way from the first snap to the last. This Bucs defense needs to follow this leadership and get more enthusiasm on the field. You only get 16 opportunities a year. Flying around and having fun on the field by all the defensive players builds confidence, which in turn builds big plays. Swarming to the ball and playing team defense, lead by our two stars, will help the Bucs succeed in Cleveland.3) THE BIG UGLY'S
Football hasn't changed for over 100 years. It starts with physicality, attitude, and the mind set to be dominant. There's really not much to be said with the Buccaneers offensive line. When I turn on the tape and watch the full games I see the line getting it done in spurts. For every good play up front, there's three poor plays. The consistency hasn't been there week to week. Over my 12 years of playing in the NFL, I've played with lines that might not have been the best, or the most talented, or the healthiest. But what I do know is that the engine doesn't run unless the big uglies get it done! The Browns have a few good defensive lineman, namely Paul Kruger, but to be honest it doesn't matter if they've got Lawrence Taylor. I don't expect to see the Bucs line win every snap, but I do expect a 15 round slug fest. Eventually the opposing defense will give up. One side of the football always does. Physicality, attitude, and a mind set to be dominant always prevails.

There's no magic secret on turning the Bucs season around. The players collectively have to say, "enough is enough" and go out on the field vs the Browns and TAKE IT. There are no hand outs in the NFL. The talent is on the field. If the Bucs have "EXECUTION by 11," the wins will come.

Get familiar with the key players on the Browns before the Buccaneers face off with Cleveland on Sunday.

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