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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Quotes, Sept. 29


Head Coach Greg Schiano**

(On if wide receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams practiced)

"Yeah, [they were] limited. They did some stuff. They'll be questionable for the game, both of them."

(On if tight end Tom Crabtree will play Sunday)

"No, he's out for the game. He didn't practice today."

(On if Crabtree had a setback and how long it will be until he returns)

He did. We have to wait and see, not sure."      

(On guard/tackle Gabe Carimi's illness)

"Well he's been out all this time. It's not something – it's certainly something significant. But other than that, I can't go into more [detail], but he's out this week."

(On if Carimi's illness is MRSA-related)


(On how much he looks at an opponent's statistical rankings)

"Well you factor some of that in for sure. Right now, rankings it's three games in. To me the rankings don't mean a heck of a lot. After this week, it will be a quarter of the regular season. It's kind of like when you were in school and you got your progress reports, you still have three quarters to flip it around. In a small sample size, you can't really say that much because, like you said, quarterbacks [did] they play, who was injured. I think you have to look at the body of work, those stats are more useful. I use them at the end of the year often times when we're studying people and things. Right now you've got to look at it [as] 'In the last three or four games, how are they playing?' That's what we're looking at, from a schematic stand point. How are they playing things? Now, it gets a little more difficult Sunday because of the two outside starting linebackers being out and then one of the back up outside linebackers also getting being out. There's going to be some questions personnel wise. Will the safety play with the finger or won't he? That hasn't come out yet. I think that's more of the mystery to it. I'll tell you one thing though, those front guys, their legit, their strong, their big, that's one of the reasons that their playing good run defense when people do choose to run. The Saints want to run the football, even though [quarterback Drew Brees] throws great, they are committed to running the ball. [The Cardinals] went against a good run team and stuffed them up."

(On if the team will have offensive gameplan for Sunday)

"We'll be balanced. It doesn't matter who we're going against, we're going to run the football, it's who we are. We'll be balanced with [the] pass and I'm totally confident in our pass game with [quarterback] Mike [Glennon]. I think it's going to be, run our deal, handle those three front guys, for sure, and those two inside backers for sure. And [the Cardinals have] that corner out there, No. 21 [Patrick Peterson], who's a pretty special player. There's enough – there's a lot of, I should say – threats out there that need to be handled, concern-wise. There will be some new guys in there but there's a heck of a lot of seasoned, grizzled vets."

(On if quarterback Josh Freeman will be the backup Sunday)

"I feel like this has been a focus all week. I'm not going to go there. 90 minutes before the game, I'm going to name who our active 46 players are, the guys that are up and we're going to play. I'm locked in now and our team is locked in. I'm done discussing all that other stuff. Let's go win a game. That's our goal and that's what I'm locked in on."

(On dealing with the adversity the team has faced this week)

"That's what we do, that's what professionals do. There's always going to be noise out there, you have to push the noise out of your brain and you've got to do your job. I would be kidding you if I said there hasn't been anything that I had to do this week that I normally wouldn't have to do. As I often think, you can't make that time up. If you have a job to do and you have to do it in that allotted time, when you're called away by other things, whatever they may be, well now you have to figure out. You either sleep less or you delegate more. There are always those things that are up. But it's not always just something like this week, there a tons of things that come up in a year. You've just got to figure it out and whoever handles it best usually finds a way to win, with all other things being equal, obviously."

(On the similarities between starting slowly last season and this season)

"I really only think about Sunday. I don't think about what it means or what we've done. Every team is different, every group of people are different. Certainly, you have that in your history if you were here. I don't think I need to remind anybody. But I can be honest with you, I haven't thought of it, until you brought it up. I'm going to do a lot of thinking when this game is over. We have a bye week, we have no game to get ready for. I'll take a good hard look at a lot of things, like we did last year, but every time you have a bye week, I think you need to do that. I'll discuss that more on Monday after the game. Certainly, I have to plan because the week's coming, I can't plan it on Sunday night after the game. I've made the plans for the week, but right now it's Arizona."

(On whether running back Jeff Demps will play Sunday)

"Again, we'll make that decision and that will get announced. We certainly have a plan if we're going to use him."

(On if he's pleased with how Demps has picked up the offense)

"I have been pleased with his work, he's an incredibly hard worker. He seems to be a great teammate, unselfish, jumped in here in those first couple of weeks when he was roster-exempt.  [He] just jumped in and did anything that was asked of him: defensive back, running back, wide receiver, not a moan or a groan. I don't know a lot about track and field, but I know it's more individualized and he's just jumped in and become a great teammate, so I'm thrilled with just his mindset, his approach."

(On quarterback Mike Glennon preparing for his first career start)

"When you guys talked to him the other day, I think he made mention of he played in a pro-style offense for five years. [Former North Carolina State offensive coordinator] Dana Bible is an excellent coach – I've coached against Dana a number of times over the years – and [former North Carolina State Head] Coach [Tom] O'Brien is an excellent coach. Certainly, Mike's benefitted from his experience at North Carolina State, without a doubt. Again, when you come from a football family and all that stuff [it helps]. Mike stood up here –  I watched his press conference – He stood up here and he made the statement 'I've been dreaming of this my whole life' and 'I've been preparing for this my whole life.' This guy is a football junkie and this is what he loves to do, so I'm excited for him. Now you've got to go do it."

(On if he is worried about getting the ball to more receivers in the passing game)

"I'm not going to get too caught up [in that]. We like to distribute, I think we have distributed it. In games, multiple receivers have gotten it, just not a lot of them. I'm not going to get too caught up. If Vince is going to have the ability to catch balls, then we're going to keep throwing to Vince. If Mike is going to have the ability to catch balls, then we're going to keep throwing it. They are our best receivers, they are our No.1 and No. 2 receivers, or 1 and 1A, however you want to look at it. As long there is the ability to get the ball into them [we will]. Now, was there? That's what has to be diagnosed by coaches. Was [there] a better opportunity somewhere else, I don't know that. I'm not going to sit up here and say 'yes, no, this one, that one.' But hopefully the ball will continue to get distributed broadly, that would be a good thing."

(On if running back Doug Martin's drops are an issue)

"I wouldn't go there yet, I wouldn't say that yet. We as a team have had more drops then I would've liked. I think Doug is going to be just fine as a receiver this year and I think that he has shown that he can do it in this league and I think he will."


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