Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Quotes - Thursday, October 24, 2019

Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich

(On if he saw the potential for turning the ball over seven times prior to the Week 6 game in London)

"I don't know if you ever foresee that. I don't know if that's something that you can really foresee. It happened, regardless of the issues and the reasons why. Just like you said, we'll learn from it, we'll get better from it – we've got to move on and try to find a way to win this game."

(On what advice he is giving to QB Jameis Winston to move on from the Week 6 performance)

"You just go to the next opponent. All you've got to do is just cut the tape on for the next team, and trust me – as good as this team is playing right now, especially on the defensive side of the football, you forget about the team you just played. That's going to be every week for him, for us, in general – we've got to have the idea that no matter what, we're going to prepare out butts off for the week. Once that game happens, we'll move on to the next opponent. That's all you can really do in this league."

(On how Winston has been able to bounce back after a bad performance throughout his career)

"I don't know, because the only body of work I can really judge is really this year. We've just got to continue getting better as a whole. We'll work on the things, we'll get better – some of those turnovers are extremely fixable, so we'll fix them and we'll get better. He'll play better."

(On what adjustments they made offensively during the Bye Week)

"I won't get into really detail [because] I don't want to tell everybody about our self-scout, but it is things we can get better at. You look at the things we're doing extremely well, so you look at both. You try to do more of the things that you're doing well and try to get better at the things that maybe you're not doing so well. But it's constant – it's always good to have that Bye Week to give you a good opportunity to self-scout and really look at yourself, because you don't really have that time during the week when you've got games week in and week out. So, it was a good time for us to really look at ourselves and watch ourselves and see where we can really get better and improve as a football team."

(On what challenges the Titans' defense presents)

"They're a physical team, you know their well-coached and these guys come ready to play every day, so we understand what we're up against and it's a challenge on Sunday [but] it's a challenge that we'll accept."

(On if he can teach Winston about handling a contract season from his time as an NFL quarterback)

"You've got to handle it the same, to be honest with you. His Monday has got to be the same after the Rams game and after the [Week 6] Panthers game. His Monday's can never change – that's just this league. This thing can get hot [or] cold on you very quick – just look around the league. That's just the way the league goes, and no matter what's happening, it's going to get judged. [There's] no reason to even worry about that. It's time to just focus on the game, focus on your team, focus on the building, focus on execution – and not just the quarterback, just everyone – focus on what we need to do to be able to execute week in and week out. If you do that, if your mindset allows you to do that, you'll never hear the noise [and] you'll always be able to focus in and understand what the agenda is and what we need to do from a week-in and week-out basis."

(On if the defense dictates what formation the offense lines up in)

"It all depends on who you're playing. You want to put yourself in the matchup, you want to have the better matchup, so personnel is going to always be according to who you're playing. Now, there's an element of our offense where the opponent doesn't really matter – we've got to go out and execute. We've got to go out with who we've got on the field and we execute. There's a lot of times where those two [Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard] are on the field together. We're really an 11, 12, 13-personnel package. That's what we are. I think that's what we do the best, so we'll just continue putting these guys in position. But we'll have awareness of where everybody [is]. Like I said, I don't create anything without the awareness of where certain guys are."

(On if he is surprised teams haven't done more to limit WR Chris Godwin)

"No – teams are playing defense. They're playing what they feel as though is best. The good thing is when you have Mike Evans on the field, it limits what they can and cannot do. It's tough anytime you've got two guys the way that we have two guys that can make the plays on the football the way that these guys make the plays on the football. So, I'm not shocked with anything. Guys week in and week out – every team tries to do the best thing for their team and try to put their team in the best position to win. That's how I really see it, from that standpoint. Now, we've just got to make the play. If someone's getting doubled, the other guy has got to make the play – not just Chris and Mike, but everybody else that's on the grass."

(On why the slot receiver gets so many opportunities in this offense)

"It's who we have in that position too. I don't want to make it all really about the offense because your offense is really predicated on your personnel. We just have a guy that can play the slot, can play outside and can really make plays in there and outside the numbers that give you opportunities to do a lot of things that some teams probably can't do, especially with Chris [Godwin] being so big. He's such a big guy able to move the way he moves – it allows you to do a lot of different things."

(On what WR Amara Darboh brings to the receiver group)

"He's been working his tail off since he's been here. I tell you guys all the time – I don't care how guys come on this team, how they get on this football team – as long as they put their hand in the pile and are willing to help us win football games, that's all you can ask, and that's what he's done since he's been here the past couple weeks. He's practiced extremely well and he'll have his hand in the pile to help us if need be."

(On how much responsibility he takes for the increased number of sacks allowed over the past couple of weeks)

"I always said it was always my responsibility, first and foremost, to put our guys in the best position for negative plays not to happen. The sack is always a negative play. The sack is always a play that you try to get rid of as quick as possible because of what it does to your team. Sacks normally always put you in second-and-long, third-and-long situations, and that's not a recipe for having success, especially in this league [with] the way that guys rush the passer. We'll correct these things, we'll keep getting better at it and try to limit those negative plays."

Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles

(On having the league's top-ranked run defense and 32nd-ranked pass defense)

"When you stop the run that quick, you are going to get more passes. Before last week, we had about 50 or 60-plus more passes than anybody in the league, so that's part of it. The other part is we've got to continue to communicate and we've got to make more plays when they throw it that much. You don't mind the yards going up as long as you get the turnovers. We had some things to correct in the Bye Week that we practiced and that we went over and talked about. Hopefully the second part of the season those things get corrected and we go from there."

(On how much it helps that the Tennessee Titans named Ryan Tannehill their starting quarterback for this week, after he has faced him multiple times over the past couple seasons)

"I mean I played against [Marcus] Mariota last year, as well, so it doesn't help our hurt. You are playing against all 11, so one guy doesn't hurt. They may do one or the other things differently than each other, but for the most part they've got a heck of a team over there. They've got a big o-line and [running] back and they've got huge receivers, as well as [Adam] Humphries, so you've got to play against the whole team. You can't just focus in on the quarterback. It doesn't really help any."

(On the performance of ILB Devin White in his return from injury)

"I thought he played fast. He is still getting the rust off a little bit – at least he was when he came out there last week, but he is a lot more comfortable now and he is playing more to his speed. We just look for him to get better and better."

(On if he is waiting for someone in the secondary to step up as a vocal leader)

"They're vocal and they step up and make plays. They can't play 50 good plays and then have six or seven bad ones. We've got to correct those type of plays and we've got to play a solid game throughout. It's not so much that they're playing bad, but then there are about four to five plays a game that can make a defensive backfield look pretty bad, so we've got to correct those things. It comes as a group and as a coaching staff. It just doesn't come as one person stepping up."

(On if he expects S Mike Edwards to be back for Sunday's game)

"We'll continue to monitor him. He's running around out there, and we will see how he feels. We'll play it by ear. [Andrew] Adams stepped in and did a decent job when he came in there, so we've got some decent backup safeties to play."

(On the defense clicking after the Bye Week)

"We want it to happen as fast as possible. Hopefully with the communication and the week off, we clean up some of the things that we had to clean up and we can stop the run and the pass. That's what the goal is."

(On CB Vernon Hargreaves III)

"He's got to make some plays – he has made some – you can find a DB (defensive back) once or twice and it's a bad game. You've got to cut out the one or two bad plays. Vernon is a tough player and he's a smart player, so we go back to basics and get back to the fundamentals as far as the communication with the secondary, and he'll be okay."

(On if he contemplated any lineup or personnel changes during the Bye Week)

"No, not right now. We looked at everything and our thing is more just playing as a unit and not giving up the four or five bad plays that we give up."

(On OLB Jason Pierre-Paul's return)

"I'm just happy he is back. Anytime you're in that type of accident and you come back healthy, you're happy to see him out there running around. You get the energy in practice right now. It's in the early stages, so as we continue to monitor him in practice each day, we will go from there."

(On what adjustments OLB Shaquil Barrett needs to make to compensate for the extra attention he is receiving from opposing offenses)

"He can't get frustrated. We understand they're going to chip him and turn to him sometimes. It's up to us as coaches to move him around and get him some one-on-ones to create the best matchups we think we have for him. It's up to the other guys to help, as well, getting to the passer. If they're going to try to double him, we've got to have somebody else step up, as well."

(On what it means for the defense to get Pierre-Paul back in the mix)

"It's always great when you get a great player back in your defense because you don't want to go the whole season missing people in the lineup, but everybody that has played has been great. But to have him out there running around right now just energizes everyone else, so hopefully he continues to grow and get better and we will go from there."

(On if DL Vita Vea is coming into his own in his second season)

"Vita has been playing well. I like the way he is learning from the mental part of the game. Physically we know he's fine. He is using his hands a lot more. He is being very stout. When we move him across the ball, his assignments are coming easier to him and he is playing faster, so we just look for him to continue to play in the backfield."