Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Select Quotes: Monday, October 8, 2018

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today's earlier media availability. Full video of press conferences can be found on Buccaneers.com.

Head Coach Dirk Koetter

(On the what he discovered during the Bye Week)

"As a coaching staff, when you look at everything, you're going to look at until you think you've got it figured out – whether you do or you don't. You're going to try to. We'll try to implement some things that we did. I'm not going to really come out and say what they are, but we'll try to implement some things and get them ready for this week in Atlanta."

(On if he asks the coaching staff to evaluate what they're doing during the Bye Week)

"Yeah it happens every week – every Sunday at about 4 o'clock. I mean, come on. That's a no brainer. Shoot, I've been doing this for 35 years and trust me, every Sunday when that game is over, you're right in to self-evaluation mode."

(On if he had time to look at the NFL as a whole)

"I was fishing yesterday, so does that answer that question? I watch a lot of tape, but I didn't watch any yesterday."

(On what fish he caught)

"Caught a few snook and one trout – not as many as we needed to"

(On the efficiency of the run game)

"From an efficiency standpoint, we're not where we need to be, but the flip side of that is our passing efficiency is off the charts. We have goals for every down and distance area, for every breakdown area that we'd like to be hitting in efficiency-wise. If you're not hitting those, you try to fix them. Again, at the same time, there's a point of banging your head against the wall too, right? There's a point of sometimes you've just got to go with what works and not worry about it. I think that is a trend across the league. I think there's more than one team doing that. Just because I didn't watch tape yesterday, I do watch a lot of tape around the league and I think a lot of teams are pass-first teams now and there's really nothing wrong with that. All that matters is the end of the game."

(On if things will loosen up for the run-game if the passing efficiency continues to do well)

"It could. I think just in general and it kind of goes back to [the previous] question, I think the main thing just across the board – offense, defense, special teams – that came out of the Bye Week is we have away too many self- inflicted errors. Whether that's the running-game, whether that's coverage, you can pick it, but self-inflicted errors – some of those things are coaching. I'm not trying to put that just on players – it's everybody. You could always get better calls. If something doesn't work, you could always say you could get a better call. In relationship to your specific question is most of our errors in the running game are things that can be fixed if we do a better job of it."

(On if there are things that he could correct on his end)

"Yes, of course. You always want the team you're on whether you're a coach or a player – if another team beats you because they beat you that day, they were better across the board, then that's one thing. But the 'what if' game of 'what if' we would've done it the way we planned it and in most cases the way we practiced it. That's a lot tougher on you than if a guy makes a great catch or a guy kicks a 63-yard field goal to win the game. That's just a great effort by – there's other good players in this league and other good coaches."

(On if quarterback Jameis Winston's first practice back as the starting quarterback felt normal)

"I don't know if normal is the right word. It doesn't feel strange. Like I've said all along, I feel good about all three of the quarterbacks we have on the roster. It just felt like a normal day out there. I think the players were anxious to be out there and get back to it. We've got a stretch here of 12 straight weeks, so 12 straight Sundays where we're going to be playing. When you're coming off the game week we're coming off, you can't wait to get back out there and get that taste out of your mouth."

(On if he thinks Winston need to get off to a quick start because of what quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick did the first couple of games)

"I don't know that. I think our team needs to get off to a better start and I talked about that. That's one of the things I asked the players to give me feedback. A week ago I asked the players to give me feedback on that and then I kind of complied all of that into a few thoughts that I shared with the team today. I think our team needs to get out to a faster start, and I think Jameis same as everybody else."

(On how he asked the players for feedback)

"In a couple of areas. I'm not going to tell you the areas, but just some areas that I felt like I wanted to see. When you're a college coach and guys aren't leaving town, you from time-to-time meet with every guy on your team. Well, I didn't have time with everybody leaving last Tuesday for six days to meet with every guy. I put together just a very short thing that I asked the guys to give me some feedback and they did an awesome job. I really appreciate their honesty because sometimes honesty can be self-defeating – make yourself look bad – but I appreciate their honesty. The communication I think both ways – player-coach, coach-player – was good."

(On if it is better to have the Bye Week earlier in the season)

"Yeah, I don't know the answer to that. We don't get to decide, so I can't worry about that kind of stuff."

(On if he expects Winston to have the same success that Fitzpatrick did in the passing game)

"I think if you just look at preseason, all quarterbacks were playing against the same defense every week, there was similar production. That doesn't mean every defense we play for the rest of the year is going to get up and play tight coverage on us and challenge us to throw deep balls over their head. I think that's – not comparing apples to apples – I think your closest thing would be the preseason."

(On how important it is that he reminds the players that the team still has most of the season left)

"Like we said last time when we were in here in this group, would we have all felt better if we would've lost the first two and won the second two? We're 2-2. We're one game – going into tonight – out of first place in the division and we beat the team that's on top. We have a road win in the division in our only game. Those are important things to remember. There's 12 more. There's three quarters in the season and you know we're not exactly where we want to be, but we're also right where we need to be as far as competing for the next 12 weeks."

(On the good reasons why Mike Smith is still the defensive coordinator)

"Every week, every game, it's way bigger than any one guy. It's bigger than me. It's bigger than Mike. It's bigger than Gerald McCoy. It's bigger than any one person – it's a team game. That was really my whole point. Any time anybody, me included, singles one person out for the cause of all of our problems or the cause of our success – guess what? That's not right. It's much more than that. I know how we game plan as a staff. I know how guys coach on the field, just like I know how guys play in practice and sometimes carry it over to the game better than others. It's the greatest team game in the word, so any blame that goes to one person – I get how, shoot I'm a fan of my son's team or my daughter's volleyball team. I talk just like fans when it's my kids and then I have to check myself on that. The coordinators in the NFL call the plays in, they help organize the game plan. They don't game plan – I guess some could we don't do it that way – they don't do the whole game plan themselves. Again, look at it from both positive and negative. Never all one person's fault and it's never all one person's credit. Certain people in the league – quarterbacks, coordinators – tend to get more credit or more blame than they deserve and the same goes for quarterbacks.