Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Select Quotes: Thursday, June 6, 2019

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today's earlier media availability. Full video of press conferences can be found on Buccaneers.com.

Head Coach Bruce Arians

Defensive Lineman Ndamukong Suh

Head Coach Bruce Arians


"Nobody's happier to see that field goal go through than me. I was really pleased – from the beginning to now we've made the progress I was hoping we'd make. Are we there? No, but I like where we're at right now. The work ethic on this group is amazing. Everybody shows up, everybody works, everybody's bought in, so that's all you can ask as a coach and hopefully we'll stay in shape and have everybody report healthy when we get back."

(On where the offensive line is at)

"In shorts, so it's really hard to tell. A couple guys are missing with backs. Once we put the pads on that's when I judge them. Athletically they look fine, but again physically moving people, holding people out – all those things. When you put the pads on, then we can really judge them."

(On how Arians feels being back)

"Me? I feel great. A loss of weight helped a bunch. The excitement level is building and building and building. It's even better. Looking forward to the little break, but really anxious to get back."

(On the offense line seeing a lot of blitzes from Todd Bowles' defense)

"Nothing surprises you in a game, because there's really the rolodex that he runs of defenses, there's nothing more that you really see in a game. Now [when] you see it all in one practice it's a little overwhelming, but when you game plan you see parts of it. So, there's always recall – how you handle this, how you handle this, if this team runs this blitz then you can pull the film back up. This is what we did in the spring when Todd ran this blitz, so there's a lot of recall for that. That's the extra teaching that you need, especially on the offensive line, because you don't get enough time out there."

(On how offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich has been doing through offseason practices)

"I think the whole time he's been outstanding. Really, really done a great job in the meeting rooms. I think he first of all is an excellent teacher. He knows what he's talking about. He's a heck of a teacher. So, he's got the guys right where they need to be."

(On Leftwich's work with QB Jameis Winston)

"It's showing. Both of them – Clyde [Christensen] and his fundamentals and Byron on the headwork stuff. So, yeah he's getting coached as hard as he can get and one thing about Jameis is you know he is going to work."

(On what Arians has seen from Ndamukong Suh so far at practice)

"A big smart guy that knows how to practice in shorts. I know he has a resume, so nothing's going to surprise me when the pads come on. Our offensive line we're going to get better – we're going to make each other better, because excellent players versus each other makes you better. I don't worry about our young corners. Somebody asked me about Julio Jones – well, they have to cover Mike Evans every day. That's a pretty good charge. If they can cover him a little bit, we'll be okay."

(On the tryout players that attended mini-camp)

"They all had qualities we're looking for. Whether we sign one or not, we have to go upstairs and talk about it."

(On WR Mike Evans' injury)

"Mike's just had a slight hamstring, that's all. No sense in aggravating it this time of year."

(On Arians' parting message to the players with the break coming up before training camp)

"Be in shape when you come back, don't start over and don't be the guy. Simple."

(On swapping players out on the roster)

"If there's a better player than what we've got, we'll swap him out. That's not just 90, that's 53. Just because [in] September you're on the [roster], there might be somebody else we like a little bit better. You're always churning the bottom of that roster and your practice squad looking for guys. You get set in stone and you're stuck."

(On the excitement level at practice)

"Yeah, I love the excitement out there. They were pretty quiet that first month and now they're feeling really good about themselves, especially on the field, because good things are happening. When good things happen, you better cheer about it, because there's going to be enough bad things. So, yeah I love the excitement level." 

(On how Arians is enjoying Tampa so far)

"Oh, everything's been great. A lot of excellent adult beverage stops here in Tampa. I've seen the most of them. We love it."

(On if there's a certain drink Arians prefers)

"No, it's just one but it's easy."

(On if Arians has a preferred hangout spot in Tampa)

"No, that would ruin it for everybody else."

(On if there's something Arians wants more from the team right now)

"No, I really couldn't ask for the effort, to enthusiasm, to attendance, that's all that you get in the spring. We got smarter, we got better. Now, can we be more physical? That'll come in July and August."

(On what players can do over the next six weeks to take that next step)

"Just keep learning, keep watching their film. Repetitions, repetitions and don't make those mistakes when we get back. There were maybe two that I'd say were bad interceptions the entire time. Other than that, there's other people involved."

(On the practice times during training camp)

"We'll have practices between eight in the morning and four in the afternoon to 6:30. Four, because that's when we kick off two games home in September. Six-thirty is as close as we can get to eight o'clock kick off – Thursday Night Football. So, we'll mix it up. You don't want to get into that dead routine and not be able to match up when your game times are. So, as much four o'clock practices so we can get ready for the first two home games."

(On if they will use the indoor facility)

"I hope not. I like to be right out here, because that one doesn't have a roof on it. So, if it rains and there's lightening, we'll be in there."

(On how mini-camp has changed over the years)

"It really hasn't. This whole process, like I said, it's attendance, it's effort and enthusiasm and everywhere I've ever been we've always had it. Now, there might be a guy or two that's an all-star that's not there for a day or two, but that's no big deal."

(On if there will be tackling during training camp)

"Oh yeah. You can't learn how to tackle unless you tackle. It's just being smart [about] who you're tackling."

Defensive Lineman Ndamukong Suh

(On Suh's first week with the Buccaneers)

"It was good. Getting acclimated, learning the playbook and really just kind of going from there."

(On what Suh likes about the Buccaneers' defense in terms of its structure and aggressiveness)

"Love the linebackers, the communication. I think the ability to get after the quarterback is huge, as well as not only with more than multiple guys, but also with their front. I'm excited about that. Looking forward to being in a position to just go out there and play and wreak havoc."

(On the young energy on the defense)

"Yeah, I think it's like you said, young energy. Guys that are eager to play, move around and get after the ball, lots and lots of speed. I think it'll come in handy, especially in September."

(On how tough it is to grasp a new playbook, especially when already joining a new team)

"I don't think it's that difficult. I think the biggest thing is you've got to get in your playbook. I think if it's something you care about, you'll make the time to figure it out."

(On the experience Suh can pass on to the younger players)

"I think first and foremost I need to get my bearings and then after that just talk about different ways to beat people, be creative, just tricks of the trade, veteran moves, things like that. Understanding how to read offensive lineman, different things like that. Things that I've been taught by other vets as well as other great coaches."

(On what Suh is looking to do during the break) 

"Train. Enjoy my family and friends. My teammates – get to know them. Find times to hang out and different stuff like that and get my bearings here in Tampa."

(On if Suh has had a chance to check out the Tampa area yet)

"I have and I'm pleasantly surprised. I've been here two or three other times, but one thing that I've noticed eating dinner out most of the time it's good Midwestern friendly folks, which I enjoy. Kind of just say, 'Hi' and 'Bye' and 'Welcome to Tampa'. Which has been very pleasant for me and my fiancé." 

(On Tampa having a midwestern feel)

"Not really L.A., but L.A. I mean I know a lot of people there, so I was very comfortable there. So, it's good to kind of have that Midwestern feel down here even though we're in Florida."

(On where Suh feels he fits best in the defense)

"I think my best fit is wherever they need me to be. It's as simple as that. I'm excited to one just be able to play football at the same time just be able to be a force within the defense and like I said, the only way for me to do that is figure out the defense, understand it like the back of my hand and go from there."

(On Suh's feeling about the culture head coach Bruce Arians is trying to instill in this team)

"I think the important thing is to forget about the past. There's new regime and new understanding of none of the past stuff matters. It's all about the future and the present, and with that coach is big on having ownership – yes, he is a head coach, yes, he has to set the tone, but that doesn't mean anything if we all don't buy in, in addition to making our own. So, you got to have your own accountability, you've got to take care of your own business and then obviously police each other and be accountable and take ownership overall."