Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Transcript: Head Coach Bruce Arians (5/21/19)

Below is a transcript from Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians. Full video of press conferences can be found on Buccaneers.com.

(Opening statement)

"I am really, really pleased with the start of this week. We talked a lot last week about starting weeks of practices very, very fast. Just looking at our schedule, we've talked about how we have to be fast in September, so you talk about those things now and they become habits and it was really a good practice. It's probably the best practice we've had so far speed-wise and execution-wise. As I said yesterday in a statement about Gerald [McCoy], 'I hope him the best' and there's no need for asking me a question about that, so everything has already been said. Talk to me about the players who are here and I'm really happy about the ones that are here."

(On the way the defensive line is coming along so far)

"They're working their tails off. Each guy is showing his position flexibility, so if you can play two or three spots, that helps you make the team. I'm really pleased with where Vita [Vea] is. I think he's making extremely good progress as a three-technique and a nose. He's played some five, so they're all growing and [Defensive Line Coach] Kacy [Rodgers] is doing a great job teaching them."

(On outside linebacker Noah Spence)

"Yeah, he's an outside backer and he's doing a good job. He's applying pressure. [Outside linebacker] Carl [Nassib] is probably doing the best job out of that whole group because he's a high effort guy all the time and a guy you want to set the tempo."

(On whether he would like to keep defensive lineman Vita Vea as a rotational guy to keep him "fresh")

"No, he should be able to go the whole time. He's young, he'll have his weight where it needs to be where he can play every down."

(On whether he is looking to add to the roster after releasing McCoy)

"Always. It doesn't have to be a defensive lineman. It's just finding one of those missing pieces. We've got a couple spots. We're always looking and waiting for the next 'maybe guy' to get cut because it will start happening again. I can think back of [former Arizona OLB/DE} John Abraham and [free agent OT] Eric Winston, all those guys we picked up in June to make our team where it needed to be, so we'll be on a constant search."

(On whether McCoy being released gives the team flexibility to add pieces)

"It does, it opens up a spot, yeah."

(On the speculation that free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh could be a possible replacement for McCoy)

"I can't talk about him. He's not on my team. He is a hell of a player, so we will see."

(On what he took away from last week's practices)

"Some really young players really stepped up, especially [running back] Ronald Jones. He had a heck of a – well, he had a really good day today and really enjoy watching him where he is at right now in the backfield. In the backfield. [Wide receiver] Bobo [Wilson] has had a couple nice days. He's switched from field to field. [Wide receiver] Scotty [Miller] came in and had a real good day the other day when he stepped out there, so there were a bunch of guys. Defensively, there are a couple guys too on the field that could rush the passer. We saw it at minicamp with the rookies. They're still doing a great job and I don't want to praise them too much, but I'm anxious to see them put pads on and get after somebody else."

(On cornerback Vernon Hargreaves)

"Vernon looked good. He's healthy and we're monitoring how many snaps he gets and he's ready to roll, same with [cornerback] Carlton [Davis]. Carlton wasn't supposed to go today, but he went and pushed through it. We're limiting their number of reps."

(On whether Hargreaves is in a better place mentally now versus last week)

"He's never been a problem mentally. It's just getting his body right and knowing that you're not always going to be 100 percent."

(On safety Mike Edwards)

"He's a really savvy player. He needs to get in a little bit better shape, but he's a very, very heady player and I wouldn't be surprised if he picks a few more balls off."

(On moving on from releasing a franchise player such as McCoy)

"We've already moved on. It's as simple as that. I've been through this so many times."

(On which players benefit the most with McCoy no longer being here)

"Whoever's on the defensive line. I don't know who's going to be there in August. This thing changes all the time and to say that this is our football team today, not even close."

(On if Arians would be comfortable in August with the group of defensive linemen he currently has)


(On what you can see from a running back this time of year)

"You can still see his vision. RoJo (Ronald Jones) made a couple of really nice cutbacks today. We don't run the ball a lot in this period, but we had nine running plays today and he took full advantage of his, that's for sure."

(On if there's a defensive player that needs to step up and show leadership)

"Yeah, that's something that evolves, and it doesn't matter how old you are. Devin White's already taken over - Carl Nassib is one of the best leaders we have, because they're going full tilt all the time."

(On how important it is to have the knowledge and experience of a guy like T Demar Dotson on the defensive line)

"Yeah, he's done it at a high level for a long time and hopefully he can maintain it. I'm watching how many reps he gets, because he doesn't need a whole lot, especially in shorts."

(On RB Ronald Jones)

"Watching the film last year, he had no chances. You could have put nobody up there and let him run the ball, that's about what it was like. So, yeah he's got a ton of talent and Todd McNair's done a great job with him."

(On if LB Devin White has taken the ball away any more since last week)

"No, he didn't get one today, but he got close a couple times."

(On RB Shaun Wilson)

"Yeah, he's another the guy that was hurt last year that's shown the ability to be a very quick mismatch in the passing game and for him it'll be pass protection. So, you can't be a mismatch if you can't block and they know you're a route runner all the time, so they can game plan for you. So yeah, it'll be important for him for the pass protection drills, but yeah, he can run. He is quick. Andre Ellington looks like a rookie again. He's healthy for the first time in about four years."

(On DL William Gholston)

"He's in a natural position for him. He can gain a little weight now and use his length. But he's as steady and consistent as we have."

(On if the players have been 'quick studies' in picking up the offense)

"Extremely quick. I always have an accountability sheet, which is penalties and mental errors every day and we've had as many as three pages when we just [got] started. From both fields [today], we only had one page, which is a very high tribute to them, because we're very strict on it. They've been a quick study, but they've been conscientious of it also."

(On how the kicking competition is going)

"Good. They're both kicking the ball extremely well and we had to put somebody on the roof to get all the balls back."

(On WR Breshad Perriman not practicing today)

"He hurt his shoulder last week He dove for a ball and made a great catch and got a little shoulder [injury]. He should be about a week.

(On C Ryan Jenson not practicing today)

"His back tightened up, but no more injury reports this time of year."