Tampa Bay Buccaneers


(On DL Vita Vea's injury)

"Vita's got a broken leg and [will] probably miss the rest of the season. It'll be a big loss. [When] you lose players like O.J. [Howard] and Vita, you can plug the next man in, but they're not the same. I hate it for him because he was having such a great year."

(On if QB Tom Brady was aware that it was fourth down on Tampa Bay's final offensive play)

"I don't know how to answer it for him. We all knew it was fourth down. I think he saw what he saw."

(On what the coaching staff can do to try and minimize the amount of penalties throughout the game)

"Just have to do a better job of coaching. It all falls on the staff – mistakes that we're making in ballgames that shouldn't be made, and they're not every week. There are games where there's a bunch of them – that was one of those games where there was a bunch of them. Penalties, technique errors [and] things that we should have coached better."

(On if the mistakes are not solely on the players and if the coaches play a role in them)

"Huge part – it starts with me."

(On how he solves the mistakes the team is making and if they will replace players who are making them)

"No – it's just a matter of continuing harping on it. Getting your head around on deep balls, not panicking a little bit there, offside [and] better concentration. Again, it does fall on me."

(On how drives with multiple penalties impacts the offense's continuity)

"That's just one drive. The next drive was a solid drive. A couple times we got down there and didn't get touchdowns [and] ended up kicking field goals because of penalties and sacks. That one drive was just one of those flag-driven drives. I don't agree with all of them, but they were thrown."

(On how much the team needs extra time this week to rest and get players healthy going into Week 6)

"It's a good break for us right now because of the injuries. Hopefully we'll get some guys back offensively – we're obviously not getting back O.J. [Howard] or Vita [Vea], but it gives us a little time to plan on which direction we want to head in."

(On if WR Tyler Johnson could be considered for the No. 3 receiver role when the wide receivers are healthy)

"I think he's getting better and better. He's not at Scotty [Miller's] level right now – Scotty does some things and we've got to get him the ball some more. He was open last night. Tyler's getting better and better and I really like where his progress is right now having missed so much time [in training camp]."

(On how he used his timeouts at the end of the first half)

"We wanted to save as much time as we could for the two-minute offense [and] get a field goal. We got really close."

(On if the amount of injuries to offensive players made it difficult to create a gameplan for Thursday night)

"Short weeks are never easy. It would have been easier had they been able to practice full speed and Tom [Brady] get to see some guys run some routes full speed rather than everything being walkthroughs. But, Thursday night ballgames – that's when you get hung up sometimes with injuries on Thursday night games because you would have [had] some guys on Sunday. You don't get the practice time for Thursday night ballgames. I think the guys that stepped in – I thought they did a good job."

(On WR Scotty Miller not getting any targets in Thursday's game)

"I think he (Tom Brady) just went to Mike [Evans]. He's got the ball and it's like both of them go deep and he threw one to Mike when Scotty had beat his guy pretty good, but last time it went to Scotty for a touchdown or a big play – that's just some of those things."

(On the performances of RB Ronald Jones II and K Ryan Succop)

"I think RoJo (Ronald Jones II), he's playing at an extremely-high level. I still can't believe he didn't get his touchdown where he made that catch, but that is the rule that you don't get the forward progress after they blow the whistle. He's running the ball well [and] making people miss, [getting to the] second level and making people miss. Ryan – he's solid. That's his forte. I'm surprised he missed the one here when he misjudged the wind. Both of those guys are playing consistent."

(On CB Jamel Dean's second-half performance)

"Second half, he was good. I thought he had a pick six. He broke on it really good. He just didn't quite get there, but he broke it up. Just get his head around on that play to Jimmy Graham and he probably played a pretty good game, and bat that ball away."

(On how well DL Vita Vea was playing this season)

"I don't know if there was a better nose tackle out there. He was getting sacks. He was getting pressure up the middle. [He] got hurt on a great hustle play on the side going back and forth and it was really friendly fire that got his leg. He was playing really, really well."

(On how difficult the next stretch of the season will be, starting with the Green Bay Packers in Week 6)

"Just get the guys healthy. You play them when they're scheduled. Obviously, we've got a lot of night games coming up and big games. Every single one is going to be huge going the rest of the way."

(On the status of WR Chris Godwin for Week 6)

"It's way too early. I'm hoping he can do something by next Thursday."

(On if T Tristan Wirfs suffered any injury during Thursday's game)

"No, he's fine."

(On DL Rakeem Nunez-Roches taking over Vita Vea's role)

"He's playing good. He'll step in there, he'll be that guy and we'll see what else happens. Right now, it would be Nacho."

(On if this loss stings more because the team had multiple chances to win)

"Yeah. Any time you have the ball with 2:56 left and the lead, you're anticipating winning the ballgame, whether it's the offense running out the clock or the defense stopping them. So yeah, it stings a little more that way."