Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Transcript: Head Coach Bruce Arians - Thursday, December 19, 2019

(Opening statement)

"Out for the ballgame – Beau Allen, Chris Godwin and Tanner Hudson. [It was a] really good week's work. Obviously, [we've got] some new faces and they picked it up well. We look forward to the game."

(On how WR Chris Godwin is progressing in his rehab)


(On if he anticipates Godwin will be able to make it back before the final game of the season)

"I would hope so."

(On if he pulls back play-calling at all with all of the new faces on the offensive side of the ball)

"No, the guys that have been here – you put them in positions [that] you think they can do it and be successful. Just give Jameis [Winston] the trust to go through his progressions and his reads and trust who is out there."

(On if he is confident K Matt Gay will be fine to play on Sunday)

"Yeah, he's been fine."

(On if there is still such thing as a signature win, even when out of playoff contention)

"Yeah, [the Houston Texans are] one that is in first place in their division, so it would be. I think it's something we could really build off of."

(On if the amount of mobile quarterbacks the team has faced this year helps them when planning to go up against Texans QB Deshaun Watson)

"Having faced Russell [Wilson] and a couple others, it helps to know what you're up against. You have to be disciplined, but you still have to be aggressive."

(On the Texans' running game)

"Oh yeah, they've got a very potent running game and a lot of speed outside, so it's a heck of an offense to try to defend."

(On how much he thinks QB Jameis Winston has improved in terms of throwing the deep ball)

"From what I've seen on film to this year – tremendously."

(On if that stems from his work with Quarterbacks Coach Clyde Christensen)

"I think it's a ton of that and then we throw a lot of full-speed deep balls in practice. It's not jogging."

(On keeping the offense locked in despite losing WR Mike Evans and Godwin)

"It's just next man up – that's what you always do. One man's injury is another man's opportunity, and someone will shine."

(On the new wide receivers contributing on special teams)

"That's the huge part. When you start sliding guys out and moving people up the depth chart, who goes to special teams? Some guys roles are just doubling up because there is nobody left."

(On if WR Spencer Schnell could help on punt returns if needed)

"Yeah, I mean he did it all camp for us and did it in the [preseason] games, so yeah, that wouldn't be a problem at all."