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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Start 'Quarterback School' Ahead of Training Camp

Summer is over and school is back in session for some Buccaneers players ahead of the official start of Training Camp on Friday. 


Rookies officially reported Sunday ahead of their veteran teammates, as is customary for a lot of teams around the league. What isn't as customary, though an option for all teams to do, is Quarterback School, which the Buccaneers started on Monday.

Starting quarterback Jameis Winston, as well as quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Griffin and Nick Fitzgerald walked in to the building this morning alongside the first years to get some work in under the Bucs' brand-new offense, with Fitzgerald on the Active/NFI list and just observing on-field. The day included meetings and even an hour-long practice with individual, team and seven-on-seven periods.

For the rookies, it allowed them some extra time on both sides of the ball to review what had been installed during offseason workouts. For the quarterbacks, it allowed them to shake off the rust of the offseason and get live reps, making sure they have a firm grasp on the playbook and expectations going into camp. Quarterbacks are the captains of the offense, after all.

The abbreviated morning practice started with individual and offense/defense drills as the rookies got acclimated to the practice structure again. There was no contact or anything but plays installed during OTAs almost two months ago were reviewed during the offense and defense periods.

Then came the team period where quarterbacks got the chance to go against an all-rookie defense and simulate a normal practice. There was also a seven-on-seven period where the linemen broke off for drills and focus shifted to route concepts and coverages.

A lot of teams opt to allow players more time off, especially when they have a system already in place, which is why QB School is ultimately optional. However, because the Bucs have a new coaching staff, and therefore a new offense, the quarterbacks are taking every opportunity to master the system.

Monday was the first of three practices during the three-day 'school' that Bucs rookies and quarterbacks will participate in. Veterans report Thursday and Training Camp officially opens for the Bucs on Friday with their first practice (open to the public) at 4 p.m.

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