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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Calling All Draftniks!

Release the hidden G.M. inside of you through the mock draft contest


The Browns picked DE Courtney Brown first overall last year. Would you have done the same?

If you try to read Jerry Jones' lips during ESPN War Room Cam clips, this contest is for you.

If you think the Tiger Woods commercials would have worked better as 'I am Rich McKay,' this contest is for you.

If you know that there are two Kenyattas likely to be drafted on day one – and you can tell them apart by their middle names – this contest is for you. is inviting you into the War Room in its new Draft Central section through the 'You Make the Call!' contest. The contest centers around the favorite NFL pastime of April: the mock draft. You see them on every sports web site and in every newspaper. You don't see the ones run in the personnel offices of every team in the league, but rest assured they exist.

Now it's your turn.

Through ’You Make the Call’, 31 users will be selected to represent the teams picking in the first round of the draft on April 21. Using a three-week series of trivia questions regarding NFL Draft history, with a particular bent towards the Buccaneers, knowledgeable draftniks will be chosen to participate in the mock draft on April 17.

In the early evening of that Wednesday before the draft, the 31 preliminary winners – we'll call them Guest G.M.s – will communicate their picks to administrators via e-mail. As the draft develops, the results will be displayed on our draft board in the Draft Central section. Each participant will pick in turn, as if he or she was the actual general manager of that team; when the pick is displayed, the next Guest G.M. is on the clock.

After that, we'll sit back and see just how good our Guest G.M.s are. When the real first round occurs on the following Saturday, the actual NFL picks will be compared to our mock draft results. Any Guest G.M. who picks correctly will receive an authentic Buccaneers hat. The correct G.M.s will also be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize: two tickets to a Bucs' home game and an autographed football. The Grand Prize drawing will be weighted to take into account the more difficult picks later in the round.

So, do you have a general manager somewhere inside of you, just dying to get out? Enter the 'You Make the Call Contest' by answering today's trivia question, and you could earn a seat in the War Room. And come back tomorrow for another chance to win, or simply to brush up on your Buccaneer draft trivia. The 'You Make the Call' link will always be in the upper left corner of this section.

After all, you're a draft expert, right? Don't you think it's time You Make the Call?

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