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The NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year took time out from his preparations for the Chicago Bears to speak directly with Buc fans


DT Warren Sapp went online Thursday to chat with Buccaneer fans

At 4:10 on Thursday afternoon, a sweat-soaked Warren Sapp trudged off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' practice field with the rest of the overheated Buc squad. Thirty minutes later, he was online with rabid Buccaneer fans, answering as many questions as they could throw at him. There was air-conditioning indoors, thank goodness, because the questions and answers were flying fast and furious.

What follows is a transcript of Sapp's chat session on, the first in a weekly series for the 2000 season. Sapp kept many of his answers brief, but we think you'll agree that he has a talent for getting his point across quickly. Read on…

Warren Sapp: Hello everyone, I'm in the room now. Send your questions in!

Don Gerard: How excited is the team about the season opener against the Bears?

Warren Sapp: Can't put it into words.

BucChronic: Who is the toughest offensive lineman for you to face in the league?

Warren Sapp: Randall McDaniel, but now Larry Allen comes to town.

Magicman10: How did it feel to come within one game of the Super Bowl last year?

Warren Sapp: Like going to a full course dinner, and only being allowed to have a salad.

bucsr4realn2001: hey warren great game last week, how will you top it this week

Warren Sapp: Same consistent effort...and we'll be 2 and 0.

BucChronic: Will you be a pro wrestler when you are done with football like your boy the Rock?

Warren Sapp: Yeah, my name will be the mass marauder.

Chuck: Do you have any special plans for Cade McNown?

Warren Sapp: Yeah, long afternoon...a very long afternoon.

watersedge: Hey Top Gun What are the chances of getting you in on the special package blocking for the running back

Warren Sapp: Only if they'll throw me the ball.

leighann1: Warren Please keep up your good spirits and how do you stay so enthusiastic

Warren Sapp: I love the game. There's no better pleasure than to go out on a Sunday afternoon and chase quarterbacks and running backs every afternoon.

mikey1: how do you feel about duante culpeper and the new vikings offense, forsee any problems?

Warren Sapp: No. My focus is the Chicago Bears.

kirbster33: Warren, I have been on the field with you before a look downright angry....are you?

puffdady56: Whats up dawg? How did it feel to be on the field for the first time without Brad Culpeper

Warren Sapp: No. I think tenacious would be the word.

Warren Sapp: Strange, but also a challenge.

mikey1: what about the bowl this year...? who do you see as giving the bucs a problem getting there

Warren Sapp: Each week presents a different challenge. Consistent football will take us wherever we want to go.

BucChronic: Tell us about McFarland, how far away is he from being a consistent contributor?

Warren Sapp: Now. He's ready to go.

kirbster33: Couple of guys here today from Brooksville, we appreciate what you have done for Jerome and the community.

Warren Sapp: Thank you. I'll see you this summer at the camp.

SHOOP100: I'm a loyal 'Canes fan. How do you feel about their chances this year?

Warren Sapp: Big game this week at Washington. GO CANES.

Len: Warren, what do you think is the key to stopping Chicago's offense?

Warren Sapp: Hustle and tackle.

cshack: Warren, Coach Dungy hardly shows any emotions on the sideline, but I'm curious.....what does he say to you guys before a game to fire you up?

Warren Sapp: His demeanor never changes. It's called expectation and execution.

watersedge: Hey Top Gun could we call YOUR LINE the MASS MARAUDERS?

Warren Sapp: Not bad. I'll run it by the boys.

Boogeyman: It seems as though your defense has had some trouble with Scrambling QB's in the past. How will it be different this week? BTW. You are one heck of a player!

Warren Sapp: Which quarterback would that be? Steve Young, 7 sacks. Donovan McNabb, 9 sacks. Any questions?

puffdady56: warren, what is your official website?

Warren Sapp:

Taz2179: Who is your pick for the AFC this year?

Warren Sapp: Indianapolis Colts. Like to see my boy EJ in Tampa.

Len: Does any other defense in the league have the speed of our front 7?

Warren Sapp: No. We're special.

bobstot: What is your Secret to getting to the Quaterback?

Warren Sapp: Being fundamentally sound, and an all out effort...and a little luck too.

Wolfeye: Being one of the best defensive players in the NFL, do you "let up" a bit on your team's offensive linemen in practice? So they don't get discouraged?

Warren Sapp: No. Beat 'em till they block it. Then beat 'em again.

kirbster33: You were double teamed on almost every that frustrating or does it make you work even harder?

Warren Sapp: In the beginning, they single blocked me and I made them pay. But later in the game, I counted on my teammates.

BucWeiser: So far are you pleased with Les Steckel's offensive? is it as aggrassive as the defense?

Warren Sapp: 21 points will get us a championship.

hilario: what can you say about K.Johnson

Warren Sapp: That he hasn't already said?

Taz2179: Who is the team you guys want to play the most?

Warren Sapp: Indianapolis Colts.

magicman10: How did it feel to come within one game of the Super Bowl last year?

Warren Sapp: Asked and answered, NEXT.

cshack: Warren, I'm a Bucs fan and season ticket holder and I just got off the phone with my boy Jason Ferguson, starting NT for the Jets. I told him that I was chatting with you and he said to watch out. I guess that was a warning for Shaun more than you though.

Warren Sapp: Who?

p344: do you guys miss barry sanders?

Warren Sapp: Miss the highlights? Yes. Facing him? No.

Len: What did the special teams do this week to elimnate the problems of last game?

Warren Sapp: Covered and tackled.

bucsfan_13: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Warren Sapp: On an island basking in the sun.

magicman10: Warren, are you holding any grudges against the Rams?

Warren Sapp: No. Good ball club. Can't wait for December 18th..the day before my birthday.

Len: Do you stay in touch with Duane Johnson?

Warren Sapp: All the time. Good friend of mine.

puffdady56: Do you ever get to talk to your HS coach, gierke, if so how is he doing?

Warren Sapp: He's fine.

BucWeiser: This may be a stupid question but are the Dallas Cowboys still your favorite football team?

Warren Sapp: Right behind the Bucs. I'm a Buc Man now.

bucsfan_13: How about Canton, Ohio... basking in the sun?

Warren Sapp: What sun? My bus will be inside with the air conditioning.

Len: I guess you'll have to run into Kurt Warner a few times and ask him what he got you for your birthday?

Warren Sapp: Sounds like a good plan.

mikey1: warren, what can you say about aaron stecker?

Warren Sapp: Good player. Hope we can get him some more playing time.

hilario: which QB has been the hardest to sack

Warren Sapp: All of 'em are just meat on a rack.

KenBuc: Hows your golf game coming?

Warren Sapp: Still yet to shoot under 90.

kirbster33: Warren, has your fitness program changed since you have been in the league, you seem to get faster each year?

Warren Sapp: Just trying to stay consistent.

Margaret McClary: Do you think you'll win Sunday?

Warren Sapp: Dumb question.

cshack: I'm a Southern Miss grad so try to take it easy on my boy Brett Favre this year

Warren Sapp: No chance.

Margaret McClary: How do you feel our Shaun King?

Warren Sapp: Quarterback for a championship.

Len: Why do other teams always throw at Donnie Abraham when it doesn't work 99% of the time?

Warren Sapp: Dumb. They don't know any better.

Uncle Buck: what kind of bicycle did you pick out to ride to the big show?

Warren Sapp: I'll hops on my Schwinn.

puffdady56: who is your favorite RAPPER?

Warren Sapp: Trick Daddy.

Warren Sapp: Gotta go. Thanks everyone for joining in the chat.

Wolfeye: Thanks Warren! Go get 'em!

bucsrule2000: thanks for everything warren!!!

magicman10: Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

pwtrpwr9919: bye warren

Len: War Buccaneers! Out!

kirbster33: Thanks Warren!!

MODERATOR: From, thank you everyone for joining us today. We'll have another prominent Buccaneer guest with us next Thursday, so watch the site to see who that will be. Thanks again!

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