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Chat Wrap: In the Barber's Chair

NFC Defensive Player of the Week Ronde Barber sat down for a 30-minute chat with Buc fans


CB Ronde Barber said during his chat that the Buc receivers are difficult to cover in practice

CB Ronde Barber, with an NFL-leading 3.5 sacks, is no stranger to the quarterback's pocket. He's also no stranger to the internet.

Barber and his brother, Tiki, a running back for the New York Giants, have their own well-received web site and are used to reaching their fans through cyberspace. On Thursday, Barber sat down with to hook up directly with Buccaneer fans who have made this site their primary team contact.

Barber entered the chat room at 4:30 p.m. and swapped Q and A with a host of Buc fans for 30 minutes. As the newest high-profile player on the Bucs' outstanding defense, Barber was subject to a long list of questions. He got through many of them, as you can read below. Following is the full transcript of Barber's September 14 chat.

MODERATOR: Practice ended just minutes ago (it rained at the end but the Bucs made it through!) and Ronde will be joining us in just a few minutes.

Ronde Barber: Hello everyone, I'm in the room now. Please send your questions.

ann23: Ronde what do you feel is going to be your biggest challenge in this upcoming lion's game?

Ronde Barber: Stopping James Stewart and the run.

BucChronic: Congratulations on defensive player of the week. I like that you recognized Donnie for his great play in the Bears game too.

Ronde Barber: Thank you. Part of my success last week, was due in part to Donnie, so give credit where credit is due.

BucChronic: Ronde, was it your idea to have you blitz from the corner or coach Kiffin's?

Ronde Barber: I wish it was mine, but no, it was Coach Kiffin's. If it were my idea, I'd blitz every time.

wstamp: Since you are the league sack leader, do you think that Detroit will do anything differently to prevent the blitzing?

Ronde Barber: I don't think I'll sniff a sack for a couple of weeks. Haven't had too much success blitzing agains Detroit in the past.

stl: If you spent your whole life playing runningback, would you be as good as your brother? Why or why not?

Ronde Barber: Probably not. Tiki is far more gifted than I am.

MikeC: Do you beleive the experience of playing with a talented defense in college has helped you mesh well with the talanted defense you are playing with now?

Ronde Barber: Yeah, definitely. In college, I think we were considered one of the tops in the NCAA. We always led the country in interceptions.

KeyshawnsNeighbor: Ronde, you are out there smothering DB's and QB's. . .is there alot of trash talk to the opposing team because you and the fellow defenders are completely dominating them?

Ronde Barber: No. We're a pretty humble group back there. We take our success just as easy as we take our failures.

HOPPSAN: What kind of problem will the massive line of the Lions present?

Ronde Barber: None for me. Warren and those guys will have their hands full. I think their offensive tackle is over 400 lbs!

cooltiger: Ronde, how do you feel about the defense you played?

Ronde Barber: Good. I feel like we executed the way we game planned. Just about everything fell into place for us last week.

47FAN: What was going through your head as you picked up the fumble?

Ronde Barber: Touchdown.

BucChronic: How can you prepare for such loud crowd noise like you will face in the Silverdome?

Ronde Barber: You really can't. You just have to be on top of your audibles..especially on offense; watch the hand signals from the quarterback.

If we play well, there won't be any crowd noise.

Buc in Matawan: What do do you think is your greates attribute as a cornerback?

Ronde Barber: My aggressiveness.

mikey1: How do you and the bucs keep up your intensity throughout the season?

Ronde Barber: Motivated to win. We have a plan to get to the SuperBowl.

jmd2g: Who do u think has a better chance of making the probowl? you or tiki?

Ronde Barber: Tiki, right now. I don't have any interceptions and he has three touchdowns.

Buc in Matawan: Which Lions receiver worries you the most?

Ronde Barber: Probably Johnnie Morton. He's fast, has great hands, and he makes good plays.

BucFan44: Which would you prefer. To pick off a pass for the game winning TD or a sack to end the other teams drive to save the game?

Ronde Barber: Pick off a pass, obviously.

47FAN: How loud is it on the field?

Ronde Barber: You don't have time to notice.

mikey1: Do you and bucs feel relieved to be playing the lions minus barry sanders, and if so, do you feel as if you might be underestimating james stewart?

Ronde Barber: We played against James Stewart when he was at Jacksonville. So I don't think we will ever underestimate him.. but we're happy not to see number 20 back there.

cshack: Ronde, congratulations on your performances so far this season and for being named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week. When you were coming up through the middle and high school ranks and even through college, were you ever told that you couldn't and wasn't going to be good enough to make it because of your size, and if so, did that motivate you and still motivate you even today to be the best that you can?

Ronde Barber: When I got here, the scouts probably had their doubts, but I was determined to make my mark.

BucFan44: What is the plan to stop Desmond Howard on special teams this week?

Ronde Barber: Cover down in your lanes. He's not exceptionally fast, but he finds a way to make people miss.

Buc in Matawan: Why did you pick the #20?

Ronde Barber: I didn't. But I did wear 19 in college.

MODERATOR: Speaking of 19...

Uncle Buck: In practice does Keyshawn give you a nice workout?

Ronde Barber: Yeah, he likes to push and grab and throw you around...especially the little guys out here.

mikey1: What has impressed you most about the Bucs so far this season?

Ronde Barber: Our ability to score points.

JBagboy: I was almost startled at your blazing speed in the Bears game..are you the fastest player on defense?

Ronde Barber: Probably Donnie. I'm a close second, though.

jmd2g: Did u get me my tickets for this weekend?

Ronde Barber: Yes, but only because you were such a good roommate in college.

47FAN: Who is the leader on defense?

Ronde Barber: Probably Derrick Brooks.

BucFan44: Do you give the FSU guys heck still about handing them their first ACC loss.

Ronde Barber: No, it's died out..after NC State beat 'em.

mikey1: How does it feel to have dexter back, he was impressive in the preseason!

Ronde Barber: Dexter's always very vocal and brings a lot of excitement.

tbuc_co: Who is the fastest buc if Donnie is the fastest on Defense.

Ronde Barber: Jacquez.

jmd2g: Do you have a prediction for the Bucs final regular season record?

Ronde Barber: 16-0

stl: What's your opinion of Nate Webster. He seems to have a nose for the football like you do. Any chance he could play this year?

Ronde Barber: No. He's a great player, but he needs to develop a little bit and learn a little more.

HOPPSAN: In a dome stadium, do you think it would be better to win the toss and elect to kick at the start of the game to set the pace?

Ronde Barber: Yes. I always like to kickoff, whether it's inside or out.

fsu302: If you could draft any college player to the Bucs, who would it be

Ronde Barber: It's too early to know.

BucFan44: Have you started new contract talks?

Ronde Barber: No. It's a Rich McKay and upper management decision.

cshack: When you all have played against the Giants in the past, if you had the opportunity to hit your brother, Tiki, do you try to take it easy on him and did you cringe if your other teammates hit him hard? The truth now, we're talking about same blood....

Ronde Barber: I haven't hit him. I try not to even recognize him when I'm out on the field.

Buc in Matawan: What was your favorite football team growing up?

Ronde Barber: Washington Redskins. Hate 'em now.

mikey1: Do you scrimage against Shaun K. and the offense, and if so, How do you feel Shaun is developing at QB..

Ronde Barber: Good. He's taking it slow, but he's still always under control.

passmenot: St. Louis has a track meet going on up there with its receivers. Is the Bucs D ready to handle it?

Ronde Barber: We did last year. I think it will be the same story this year.

tbuc_co: What is your favorite non football activity

Ronde Barber: Golfing.

Ronde Barber: And then golfing.

mikey1: who do you believe you will be facing in the NFC finals this year, Vikings, Rams..?

Ronde Barber: Giants.

jmd2g: Did u give tiki any scouting tips for the bears?

Ronde Barber: Not yet. He'll call me this weekend and ask before the game.

stl: Is Jacquez difficult to cover in practice?

Ronde Barber: Yes. Very hard. He's fast and runs good routes.

mikey1: Do you feel any threat from culpepper and the vikings then, or do you think they will be as easily dismissable as McNown and the bears were?

Ronde Barber: Any team with Randy Moss and Cris Carter cannot be easily dismissed.

Uncle Buck: What other CB in the NFL do you think is good?

Ronde Barber: Charles Woodson is probably the best I've seen. Darrell Green is my all time favorite.

magnet182: Ronde, what has been the impact, so far, of the offense doing more of their part in the games, and how do you see that effecting the cohesion of the team as the season progresses?

Ronde Barber: Yes, we're happy that they're scoring points.

BucFan44: What score do you predict?

Ronde Barber: 20-3

caramel: As a kid who did you look up to as far as football players?

Ronde Barber: Darrell Green.

Lynchfan: Is the game against the rams going to be a grudge match?

Ronde Barber: Probably not. I'd consider a grudge match a team that pounds the ball, and they throw the ball every play.

MODERATOR: Ronde's gone the allotted 30 minutes now, but he's going to take three more questions.

jmd2g: What do you think of the name Houston Texans?

Ronde Barber: All new names are awkward at first. I'm sure it will grow on us.

mikey1: Do you feel like you and Donnie have been overlooked with all the hype of Sanders.. etc..?

Ronde Barber: Financially, maybe. Our teammates know how important we are to our team.

cshack: You say that Darrell Green was your inspirational player growing up, what was it like for you seeing him for the first time in person? Were you in complete awe?

Ronde Barber: Pretty much. Three years ago when I saw him, I didn't realize he was that little...but he's still humble in all his successes.

Ronde Barber: Thanks for the questions James and everybody else. See ya next time.

Lynchfan: Good luck Sunday!!!

draymer: Keep up the good work

jmd2g: How about some interceptions this week!!!

KeyshawnsNeighbor: Thank you! Good luck!

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