Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Daily Clips for Wednesday, January 29

Here's a sampling of media reports on the Buccaneers today.

Fansided.com's @PatrickASchmidt-

Brian Urlacher gets offer from Lovie Smith's Tampa Bay Buccaneers http://t.co/IZYoV0Vwv2 — Patrick Schmidt (@PatrickASchmidt) January 28, 2014

TBO.com's @IKaufmanTBO -

Derrick Brooks Defined His Position: http://bccn.rs/xL

TBO.com's @RCummingsTBO -

New GM Licht Sees Bucs' Turnaround Potential: http://bccn.rs/y1

ESPN.com's @PatYazESPN -

Unflappable Brooks Nervous About Hall Vote: http://bccn.rs/y2

Tampa Bay Business Journal's @TBBJwilkerson -

One Bucs Road Game Next Season May Cost Less: http://bccn.rs/y3

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