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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fan of the Week: Corey Geisler

This die-hard eight-year-old took Sunday’s loss to Pittsburgh hard, but a trip to a Buccaneer practice next week should ease the pain


Fan of the Week Corey Geisler (center, Bucs jersey) insists that his birthday parties have a Buccaneers theme

For Corey Geisler, the good news is that the Pittsburgh Steelers will come to Tampa again next fall.

The bad news, of course, fell into Geisler's lap last Sunday, when the Steelers handed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a 17-10 loss. It was difficult to swallow for Buc fans throughout the area, but maybe a little tougher in Geisler's Lakeland home. A chance for payback awaits just a year away.

You see, Corey is eight years old and one of the most avid Buccaneer fans you could expect to come across. His father, see this coming, don't you? a Pennsylvania native and a Steelers fan.

It was a rough afternoon for Corey, whose home team devotion is so strong that his last two birthday parties had to be Buccaneer-themed. The loss to the Steelers may not go down as one of the most memorable games in Buc history, but it was a special afternoon in the development of this sure to be life-long fan.

Most Sundays, of course, father and son are on the same side, as it is Dan that has indoctrinated Corey into the joys of the NFL. The two routinely watch games together, and it is the son that has memorized the names, numbers and positions of all Buc starters on both sides of the ball.

Dan and Corey's mother, Lisa, have also helped Corey become involved in youth football. Corey, of course, insisted that he play for the team named the Junior Bucs. When games are forming around the neighborhood, Corey joins in with the teenagers and impresses them with his knowledge of the game.

Last year, Corey won a free Bucs-decorated cake from Publix Super Markets as part of a coloring contest. This year, he's going to meet the Buccaneers themselves.

Corey earned that opportunity when he was chosen as the latest Fan of the Week. His prize is a trip to a Buccaneer practice with his mother and father next week.

The Fan of the Week contest is an ongoing feature on, designed to identify and reward the team's die-hard supporters. To enter the contest or read about past winners, please click here.

Each entrant is asked to submit a photo and to make a case, in 300 words or less, as to why he or she is the team's number-one fan. Local winners are invited to the closed Buccaneers practice of their choice; out-of-town winners will be sent a Buccaneers gift pack.

Each winner is also interviewed with a special list of 10 questions about the nature of his or her fanaticism, the results of which are posted in the feature story.

With the help of his mother, Corey was given a slightly abbreviated rundown of the 10 questions. Read on...

Corey Geisler, Fan of the Week

1. How long has he been a Buccaneers fan and does he have a first memory of rooting for the team?

He's been a Buccaneers fan probably since he could start watching football with his dad. His dad's a real big football fan. He got Corey involved in football at probably around four years old, when he could first start watching it. He's in second grade, and his last two birthdays have been completely Buccaneers themed. He's been a big fan since kindergarten.

2. What is his most prized Buccaneers possession?

His jersey. He's got a Keyshawn Johnson jersey that he signs a lot. He's definitely going to wear that out to the practice.

3. Does he have any superstitions or rituals that he follows for every game?

He always wears his jersey and he always wears his hat. And he really watches the game. He watched that whole Buccaneers game last week against the Steelers and got really mad when they lost. He wouldn't talk to his dad or anybody! He takes it very seriously.

4. Is his room decorated with Buccaneers items?

His whole room is football-themed. His bedding is all football. He's got a football rug, a football hamper, football pictures all over the wall.

5. Who is his favorite player?

Keyshawn Johnson. He's liked him for years now.

6. How does his family feel about his Buccaneers obsession.

I'm happy. I'm glad he's into sports. I was into sports in high school and it kept me out of trouble, so I'm glad he's involved, too. I hope he continues to be involved with the Bucs, and with sports in general. He plays football, for a team called the Junior Bucs. When I'm telling you he's a Bucs fan, I mean he goes all out. He had to play for that team. Being involved in sports will help him through life, I think.

7. Describe the most memorable game he's seen since he began rooting for the Bucs.

Probably the playoff game last year. He was really into that. He wanted them to go to the Super Bowl very badly. And, of course, last Sunday's game was a big thing for him, with him and his dad competing, so to speak.

8. Simply put, why is Corey a Buccaneers fan?

I don't know! His dad got him started into football. His dad is a Bucs fan, but he's more of a Steelers fan. Corey has just always been a Buccaneers fan since he started watching and understanding the game. That's the team he decided to go with, and he's gone all out with it.

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