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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Farewell from Cheerleader Tricia

This week's featured cheerleader is Tricia.

Hey Bucs fans!

In March 2012, the new squad was announced and I was on the list! I couldn't contain my excitement for this new journey and I had no idea how much this experience would change my life. Performing at the football games, being involved in the community and having various photo shoots were great highlights of being a cheerleader, but I have also made the best of friends with each of my teammates and I know the friendships will last a lifetime.

I have made some of my best memories as a TBBC! One special memory to me was our military game during my rookie season. Each year this is one of my favorite games, I think it is so important to honor the men and women of our military. Throughout my first season as a cheerleader we were fortunate to work with the VA Hospital and build relationships with many of the veterans. I think that my first experience with the military game was my favorite because I didn't know what to expect. At the end of first quarter, everyone in the stands participated in a card stunt where each person lifted up the card that was under their seat. As everyone did this simultaneously, the stands spelled out "THANK YOU VETERANS" and "THANK YOU MILITARY." It was a very emotional moment and one that I will always treasure. The stands were filled with both current soldiers and veterans, and it was amazing to see the overwhelming support of the Tampa Bay community.

The past three seasons as a cheerleader have been incredible. The love and support of my family, friends and all of you fans has made me appreciate this experience so much more. I have had the best time learning from all of the amazing TBBC coaches and captains, and I am so grateful for my TBBC family! Being a part of this organization has helped me grow as an individual and I will be forever thankful.

It has always and will always be a BUCS LIFE FOR ME! :)



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