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Eric Zeier gets first start


QB Eric Zeier makes his first start as a Buccaneer

New Starting QB Eric Zeier Outlines what the Bucs' Offense Needs to Do

Eric Zeier doesn't see himself as a lone savior for the NFL's 27th-ranked offense. Zeier, anointed as the Buccaneers' new starting quarterback on Monday, has had one work week to get acquainted with his new standing, and he's as realistic as he is optimistic.

"We're doing the exact same things we have been doing," said Zeier on Saturday night upon the team's arrival in Detroit. "Our philosophy hasn't changed, we haven't changed our plays…we just have to execute."

Nevertheless, Zeier does see a bright future for the offense he'll now be leading. "I have to take care of the football," he said. "I have to be smart and make plays when they are there. If we can do those things, this offense, and this football team, can be very successful."

Buccaneer fans, however, are understandably hopeful that the team's offense will blossom under Zeier and give some much-needed help to the NFC's top-ranked defense. Zeier reports that he feels good about that possibility after a good week and a good off-season.

"I had a great week of practice," he said. "I felt great throwing the football. Really, this was the best off-season I've ever had, too. This is a fantastic opportunity for me, and I've done everything, preparation-wise, that I could do. I wouldn't change a thing this year. I feel very comfortable stepping into the huddle and taking charge of this team."

And the keys to Sunday's game?

"We have to get the ball out of our hand quickly," said Zeier. "It's noisy in there, and they have a great defensive line that really gets at you. I have to make quick decisions and quick reads, which is really the toughest thing you have to do when you haven't played in six weeks."

Sunday's start will be the 12th of Zeier's career. In three of his 11 previous starts, Zeier surpassed the 300-yard passing mark. Zeier joined the Buccaneers this past off-season in a draft-day deal that sent a fifth-round draft pick to the Baltimore Ravens.

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