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From the Lions' Den

From Detroit's own notes, a look at the players that are putting up big numbers for the Lions in 2001


The Bucs will have to contain QB Charlie Batch, who has had several big passing days since regaining his starting job in Detroit

Just prior to last Sunday's game in Green Bay, in a locker-room interview with, Head Coach Tony Dungy addressed Allen Rossum, the Packers' fourth-year cornerback and return man. Rossum hadn't played in four of the Packers' first five games, including the first Battle of the Bays, so he wasn't much of a focus in the week leading up to the game, in terms of media coverage.

Dungy, however, identified Rossum as a real threat in those minutes before the game, and said the Bucs' kick coverage units would need to be sharp that afternoon. Of course, late in the fourth quarter, Rossum found a seam on a punt return and ran 55 yards for the game-winning touchdown. Dungy's pregame admonition was uncomfortably prescient.

Who will be the Lions' most dangerous weapon this weekend, when the Bucs head to Detroit to take on their 0-7 division rivals? Decide for yourself. Below are excerpts from the media package prepared in Detroit for the local reporters. Among the Lions to keep an eye on are DE Robert Porcher, the NFL's sack leader since 1996, FB Cory Schlesinger, who has become a much bigger part of the Detroit passing game this season and, of course, return man Desmond Howard, who has had big days against Tampa Bay before. Read on.


(Excerpted from Detroit Lions press notes.)


Detroit has been developing its offensive fire-power in the 2001 season as the Lions continue to adjust and adapt to the West Coast offense. Currently, the Lions are ranked seventh in the NFL in team passing.

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